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[PC] Invite me to your Heist mission and I will take 0% payout!


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Greetings PC heist players,If you are desperate for money or want a really reliable and highly skilled player. Look me up!


I am now accepting 0% payout...That's right 0%! That means you get a lot more money than playing with a random and a lot higher percent of success.


Reason for doing this: I have a lot of money from playing heist on last gen and I really don't need any more,I want to help out new players who play legit. Cheating is for bitches...



Extremely important: I am only doing this offer in AUTO-AIM lobbies..If you are on PC and invite me to a heist mission with Free-aim controls...You are crazy.


Reason for Auto aim- For one it obviously increases the percentage of success with the missions..No need for extra difficulty. Especially if we play on hard mode. Also I play with a controller,trying to fly/land planes and jets with a keyboard and mouse is hell...Do not do it. Get a controller for this game.


Add Social Club: GRLMOLRE

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Well sir that is a very generous offer right there,

Being a player who's friends all bailed on GTA before even completing the second heist. While I just bought a new pc to finally play with them. Combined with the fact that when I invite randoms I get the pleasure to play with partially braindead people who apparanyly are not capable of following instuctions written in bright colors on their screens. I am very open to ANY help from somebody with a functioning brain. Even tho I must say the randoms did help me in my progress of completing heistst (they managed to survive just long enough for me to get one more setup done, WORTH!)


So as you might have worked out by now is that I would like to play heists with people on pc. Regardless of them being the most generous heist companion.


My ingame/socialclub name is: Sinistic6

Im lvl 100~ btw

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I am locking for some people to play as well since all my friends don't play gta v in general...

I am a good player as well, i play with keyboad and mouse and controller mix and don't need money that much for now unless i want to buy a yacht.

If you want to play add me on social club: xXAIR_FORCEXx


Btw i don't play tha much for a couple of mouths since i got boosted by a hacked lobby... :( I am at level 250 but i kept a record of my real level: it was 97.


I play since ps3 and have a lot of resources in to play to have fun... :D

If any of you two want to do some missions and or play in free roam... just ask and we can have a lot of fun!! :D ^^



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