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Humane Raid, general tips/good tactics?


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The delivery is the one thing I never seem to be able to pull off successfully.

I have tried to do this with so many people but everytime it seems like no-one knows what to do (including me).. I follow the lead so as not to ruin anything but even though I normally work with rank 60-100 often they just run around on the hill or whip machine guns and obviously I've never got further than walking past the gates and then someone gets caught.


Is there a specific way to do it? I've looked online but all I can gather is to just be sneaky. I want to know how to do this so if I do end up starting up a game with people who don't take the lead, it won't matter because I can lead the way.


I mean I've been with some guy who thought it was a good idea to try and run over every guard in there.. He was rank 95 or 96.

So yeah, how do you be THAT sneaky? I have not got a clue what I'm doing once I get halfway through the labs.

Edited by ceszayers
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First of all the important thing, always use silenced weapons. The two guards near the barrier can be sniped. Then have your team run in and its best to split up. Two go up the stairs and deal with the guards near the Insurgent while one drives the EMP Insurgent out of sight from the Insurgent leaving the labs. The other team mate should snipe the guard at the far right of where you came in and take care of the scientists. Snipe the guard near the pipe and then kill the two scientists that walk towards the garage you're heading for. Snipe the guard on the upper walk way then finish off the final two guards and scientists near the Humane Boxville. It can be very frustrating when playing with randoms who don't have a clue what they are doing.

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Rocket Skates

Yeah just snipe the dudes at the gate and maybe the guy on the ledge down the first road, and the rest just use a silenced assault rifle to mow through them quickly (headshotz) while staying out of sight of guys in the distance.


Get someone to move the truck up to the parking lot whilst you're doing the above.

Edited by Passive Mode
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This is one of the easier setups. Get two people with silenced snipers, double team to quickly take down all guards and scientists. And the monkeys if your that way inclined. One person drives the insurgent and the 4th... Can sit there doing nothing.

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There are some good youtube vids out there that show how it can be done.


Like this one:


"GTA online deliver the emp solo"


(Dunno how to place links in this forum ;-) )

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Fyi it can be done solo

Do you mean if I just did everything (after figuring out the perfect way of course) and made the rest hang back? I guess a mic would help this kind of thing a lot.

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If youre on PS4, invite me and I'll take you through it.


I'll be on in about an hour.


ID- Aliashu

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If youre on PS4, invite me and I'll take you through it.


I'll be on in about an hour.


ID- Aliashu

Thankyou, I'm on PS3 though :/ tbh it'd be a great help aswell. Feel as though I'll have to upgrade to PS4 sooner than planned.

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Check out this link, hope it helps



Edited by IceDree
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