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Big Traffic Variety coming! Need people for vids and screenshots.


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Hi guys, maybe you noticed me on gta5-mods.


Till the Traffic Variety is dead, I'm editing popgroups, popcycle and dispatch files on my own.

I actually made them from scratch creating names one by one and adding some groups by myself.

Now with specified groups and list of cars including all dlc vehicles even sorted alphabetically, I'm editing the popcycle file.


All areas will come up with various cars matching the zone.

Some of the goals and things I've done so far:

- buses in the city centre

- supercars in rich areas

- more variety on freeways

- more chance of police showing up in gang areas

- much higher chance of cars from lowrider dlc showing up in gang areas

- vans, commercial cars etc. showing up in almost all areas, the chance is up to the area

- higher chance of delivery boxville in rich areas

- added insurgents in army zone

- all police cars showing up, ambulance and firetruck too

- rental and coach buses in some countryside areas

and much much more!


The mod will be released within a month, maybe faster.

The mod took me like 30 hours for now and I don't have much time.

And till we are on the sad side, I'm playing on low-end laptop, so sometimes I hardly see the differences, but it works!


So, why I wrote about it?

I need somebody with good PC, who would like to check out the mod before the release and make some screenshots and video, so I could include them on the mod page, when it's done!

I won't forgot to mention about you!


Feel free to comment your ideas too ;)

Oh, btw, the IVPack version will be released too, after I finish the stock one.


Thank you

Edited by EnvoMods
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