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The Next DLC Discussion Thread

Gnocchi Flip Flops
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No matter what the next DLC is going to be here is what is going to happen. 1. If we get an announcement everyone is going to be hyped 2. After we get the announcement, a million threads are m

*DUBZTEP INTRO* Hi guyz! iMrTypicalGTANewsMan here! and today we have CRAZY DLC leak for GTA Online! But firstly like for chop, like for yo moma 'cuz she is here and like for Damn Daniel! Also don't

This is good.Attitude of moderators and admins is not just a teeny bit on questionable grounds. I've been active on many different boards and forums from the 90's, and i've never encountered anything

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Well the old thread got locked and the administrators okay'd a brand new one so here it is:

The Next DLC Discussion Thread!

And let me set some ground rules:

  • NO spamming!

  • NO flaming!

  • Discussion of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING future DLC related is allowed! It doesn't matter what it is. Helicopters, planes, cars or any other potential future DLC content is allowed! So I don't want to see no "waah why are we talking about cars again" "stop bitchin bout that helicopter" posts, they will be reported!!! Don't laugh, it's not a joke!

  • If a moderator/administrator tells you to stop posting about something, stop posting about it!

Follow these rules and you and I will get along real fine!


Speculate away! :)

Edited by Scaglietti
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-oh you bastards-


My thread title had this on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Therefore, it was the superior thread. Because that was my reaction of what uNi just did.

Edited by GradeA-Hole
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Let's get the ball rolling, try and keep the stuff of what was just happening out of here.


Whos gonna buy the Roosevelt Valor?

ME, just cuz of the extra customization, why not? but i dont know if its worth to sell the other roosevelt :S

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Please, avoid discussing sh*t and turning this thread into the clusterf*ck that was the last one.

Definitely this, I don't want another lock.

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