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Richard Power Colt

Your Recent Music Discoveries?

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So, before I got with our lass, I used to laugh at anyone who paid for Spotify, all because I thought it was just like Youtube, where you had to know what you wanted to listen to and whatnot, thus pointless. It wasn't till she gave me access to her account that I now actually can't get off the app, and thus recently I've discovered so much music that I wouldn't even have ever heard of, or even given a chance due to the genre it was in. Growing up, I've changed genres so much that my music taste has become so diverse, but recently I've started noticing that I like rock and heavy metal, something that a few years ago I couldn't even bear the thought of listening to. I love the playlists on Spotify, and have to say that in the last month or so I've discovered literally hundreds of new artists that I've grown to really like.


Anyway, it's thanks to Spotify that I came across a new band called FANGCLUB. It was a song called

that instantly hooked me, and many have said how much they sound like a pre-bleach era Nirvana, and I agree, and it's more noticeable when they play live. Their whole album is amazing, and NME even listed it as an album that fans of Foo Fighters would love. Saw them first live on a discovery stage at Bingley Music Live, a smallish gig in my hometown, and then went a month later to see them at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, and they were fantastic live, and even made my day in how genuine the guys were when the gig had finished, going so far as to sign my plastic cup and CD, and sharing a pint with me.


Genuinely predict big things for this band.


Another band I've recently got in to is Twin Atlantic, another band hailing from the same place as Fangclub, and another band on the top of my gig wishlist, along with Deaf Havana, another band I recently got in to.

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Getting down with real blues - Bentonia Blues in the tradition of Henry Stuckey, Skip James, Jack Owens.


Cornelius Bright



Holy crap, good stuff there.

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