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Recruiting for Vostelli Mafia Family


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Vostelli Family

Don Vostelli's Story

Long, windy night. The frost cold air had been thick that night. A man with a loving home, had came home from two years of fighting the war. First thing on his mind when his feet touch american soil, was the taste of his first cigar in two years. His eyes glazed of no sleep, Hands rusted of scars and rough skin. The smell of gun powder still seeps his nose like oil in a fire. He makes his journey to his families home from a taxi. The street lights gave him memories of a past time, where voices came calling. The brakes of the vehicle screeched as it came to a cozy home.

3156 Rosendo Drive.

looking up at the house as he gave the driver cash. His ashes of the cigar melted off the end of the cigar on to the grass. His eyes fixed on the doorway as he glared. The front door flapped open as if someone smashed its way in. He dropped his things as he stood then ran to the doorway. The cigar hit the grass as his eyes looked around the house, There were blood drips going up the stairway.

"Abigail, Isabella, Issac!! " He shouted running up the staircase. Frighted what he might find. He ran to the closet as a stashed pistol was hidden. looking around shouting there names, nothing but a whisper responded. Hes actions stopped as he ran towards the voice. His son rested on a window ledge, Barely breathing with sister and mother covered and soaked in blood. Running to his son he held him.

"what happen.. who did this.."

his son holding his last breath couldn't answer in time... and his body laid still...

From this day the don has been in revenged and looking for the people whom did this to his family, Building a family of his own to have his family revenged.

message ScarlettMarshall if interested in joining this family and help the Don take revenged.

Looking for family members

please enter below

Gamertag :


Favorite gun:

Have a mic:

Ok with obeying rules:

Ok with Dress codes:




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You already have a recruitment topic open here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/839122-the-vostelli-mafia-xbox-one/


You can only have one recruitment topic per member as stated in the Recruitment Forum Rules.


Any changes you may wish to make to the OP should be done by editing the existing topic. Feel free to copy across the design of the post here to that thread and you can also make a new post to bump the topic if it is constructive, but make sure you limit the bumping to once a week only.


You'll also need to add the Social Club Link from this thread and clearly indicate the platform you play on.



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