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[gta 3] main.scm download

Go to solution Solved by ZAZ,

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I'm working on refactoring tools for main.scm of the era III games. I have SA and VC but not GTA 3.


Can someone provided me main.scm of GTA 3 in a decompiled form for download please? It must be decomopiled using Sanny Builder (drag&drop it into SB) because SB does not let me decompile it without having the game. I need it for analyzing the usage of some opcodes codes and comparison of the code between the era III games.

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You can always fake it. I don't have SA installed on this computer but having just gta_sa.exe, american.gxt, default.ide, and vehicles.ide allow Sanny Builder to decompile scripts for SA. I'm guessing it's the same for III, which would require gta3.exe, american.gxt, and default.ide. The exe file can be anything but the rest should be valid files.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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That was a good idea. I have used a modified main.scm for GTA3 from here and SB decompiled it as GTA3 source code.


If someone could still upload the original decompiled file this would still be useful because I don't know how much the main.scm was modified in the mod and if fooling SB gave me a "clean" source code or not. But I can work with it already.

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