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Femme Fatale

Dreams about GTA...

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josh coley

i remember having a dream where i was playing gta 5 and saw that rockstar games did a single player update and added las venturas and san fierro to the map and then i starting driving to las venturas and the dream ended there.

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I dreamed today that I was Niko (for a brief second I saw him in third person before I morphed and became him), I was in Star Junction and I saw Johnny Klebitz walking down the street nearby UL Paper's, but the street seemed to be an exact mirror image of the original. Some guy said "look out, Johnny's going to get hit by a car!" and I looked at him and said "oh no, he can't hear us, he's wearing airpods!" (lol). I ran up to Johnny, shoved him away, he was wearing his IV outfit but had his TLAD face. A taxi drove swiftly just nearby me, I could feel the wind of it on my back, and I told Johnny something along the lines of "watch yourself, I know you don't wanna die". He thanked me and walked away and then I woke up.

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I had one about GTA VI being announced and CJ was shown as the game's protagonist. It was incredibly realistic and the dream featured CJ on a bicycle cycling in all the locations in the game was set in. I remember CJ cycling past Glen Park, then he was going past the North Point Mall in Vice City and then he was cycling along Star Junction before everything faded that was it. Although there was a couple of different songs playing, all 80s which felt fitting. 


Had one last night that I was Claude going after Miguel and Catalina. I had just completed S.A.M and I now had to take down Catalina. To do this, I had to beat Miguel in at least 3 races out of 4 to unlock the Banshee and go after Catalina. The races were all different tracks - similar to Mariokart actually. 

I failed to beat Miguel a couple of times and then woke up after I finally did. 


Edited by Keano
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Posted (edited)

I had a weird dream about GTA IV this night. I don't remember it perfectly albeit it went like this that I was playing the final mission of GTA IV, but it was a really different version. I remember it started with me and a girl who has been appearing in my dreams since many years (I don't know what's the deal with her myself) stealing an Annihilator in East Holland and Dimitri boarding his white and orange one. I was chasing him around the map until he switched to a Dinghy somewhere in central Algonquin. Then I remember I was flying really low and hit the guy standing with a rocket launcher on the boat with my blades. Then Dimitri landed on Happiness Island where he met Pegorino and they said that Niko has killed one of their buyers (he was mentioned by name but I forgot it). This enraged them and they opened fire at Niko, I don't remember what happened next but then I was teleported nearby Florian's house, I was in an alleyway and the game prompted me to go to Bernie's house and "check out the TV" but I couldn't enter the house because it was some sort of unfinished version loaded on the final game, which made me unable to enter Florian's house which once had a fully modelled interior, my brain thought. Aside from that, as I was there in Algonquin, looking at the map, aside from the Bernie prompt in northern Algonquin, I also had Playboy X marked on the map somewhere around City Hall and it said something that he invited me to play pool. 


Another one I had a few weeks ago was that I was playing TBOGT and I was playing a new mission for Bulgarin, I was flying a Buzzard and I was forced to jump out of it similar to Dropping In, but I was headed for a ship nearby the Dukes Bay Bridge. I parachuted on it and had to enter the hull of it, which was halfways underwater, I had to dive to the cargo and then I was attacked by goons, I had a VERY wide arsenal, including SCARs, RPDs etc. and I was gunning them down while still being underwater. The goons also looked alien-ish, with weird gas masks and dark, baggy hazmat outfits.

Edited by Jeansowaty

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I had a dream a few weeks ago I was in the GTA 3 game, except I was like standing in my living room doing a virtual reality thing. Like every movement I did in my living room I was actually controlling my GTA guy. I remember I pulled someone out their car and shot them and it felt very realistic. Then I found like a bunch of the floating weapons like when you collect all the hidden packages and they're at your safehouse.

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Sometimes I wake up at 101 Bayshore Avenue (first safehouse in VCS) in my dream.

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Carl Theft Auto

Hmm I dream't of CJ, Niko and I in a mission "Dish Served Cold". I shotted Dimitri then CJ got a car and we drove then I woke up.

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I had dreams, yes. One of them I was playing GTA 5 about half a year before it was released (which turned out to be more entertaining than the real thing).


Then I think on a couple occasions parts of the GTA map made an appearance in my dreams.

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Kaname Madoka

I have GTA dreams on a somewhat regular basis, maybe because i play GTA way too much.


- Most recent dream: i was hanging out with Johnny near North Point Mall and he kept calling me "gta iv guy", i remember him looking exactly like he did in TLaD but everything around us looked PS2ish, we went/teleported into the music store and then the Sharks attacked him, he then sprinted like a cartoon character with his legs spinning while making that car noise.


- Had a dream where i was marrying the Assistant from GTA online, and the wedding was the same in IV's but with random SA npc's instead of main characters, i looked like my online character but in first person, we got in the limo and i drove to the swingset, got launched and landed on the Gant Bridge's easter egg sign and she said "i'm very sorry boss, it seems that there's no easter eggs here.....".


- Before V's launch, i had a couple of dreams that R* changed the camera to top down like the 2D era, for some reason those dreams really scared me.


- I've also had one where Claude spoke, he sounded like Barry White, was very polite and never cursed instead he called people "you big silly" and "you should be careful with that behaviour of yours", he also sang whenever i turned the radio on.


- Another weird one i had, i was chilling with my dad and he then asked me to switch to ufc channel, and the fight was a title match of Toni vs Luis, they were fighting in that SA gym, they also used SA's animations and fought for what seemed like a really long time until Luis won and then the camera zoomed out with "Wasted", my dad was really pissed because he had bet on Toni "you're a mafioso how can you be beaten by a f*cking bouncer????".


I could post more but i had so many GTA related dreams it's ridiculous.







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