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What weapons have you found to be the best


Recommended Posts


Ap pistol

Combat mg

Special carbine

marksman rifle


assault shotgun

homing launcher

proximity mine

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AP Pistol

Combat MG (Assault SMG for SMGs)

Special Carbine

Heavy Sniper

Knife (or any other similar weapon like the Switchblade and Antique Cavalry Dagger)

Assault Shotgun


Sticky Bombs


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+ The tears and frustrated gnashing of my victims.


The most prominent and effective in the game has been used by R* and it is the weapon of disappointment.


We have all been targeted and wounded.

Edited by BatFerYou
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Horses for courses, matey. A sniper rifle is useless short-range, just as a shotgun is useless long-range. Learn to use the right type of weapon in each scenario.

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AP pistol, from inside a car

Advanced rifle, for most other duties

Combat machine gun, for when you want to lay down some lead.

Grenade launcher, for taking out vehicles (I don't start fights but I sure as hell finish them)

Proximity mine, cos I hate being chased.

Heavy sniper. Just because

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Everyone saying Special Carbine...


I use the Advanced Rifle.

Has the fire rate of the Bullpup and the damage of the Special.

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AP pistol

Micro SMG

Carbine Rifle

Heavy Sniper

Baseball Bat

Assault Shotgun


Proximity Mine


hm... mine is typical.

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AP Pistol (car)

Assault/Heavy Shotgun (close range)

Advanced Rifle (medium range)

Marksman (medium to long range, especially when the cu*ts start dancing)

Heavy Sniper


Combat MG for Insurgents


And lots and lots of Proximity mines.


The 'Launchers' I use for different things. (obviously)


Grenade launcher is great for tanks.


I have more than twice the Player kills for Heavy Sniper than any other weapon and I have almost as many kills with Prox' Mines as I do with Advanced Rifle (LOL). [edit: Just checked the stats', I have slightly more].

Edited by Aliashu
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Sentinel Driver

I love the minigun!!!!!! It's so satisfying to mow down a horde of enemies!!!!

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f*ck me, this thread seems to have "lost weight".

Someone must have given the mods scissors for Christmas.

It's looking rather trim.

They've gone delete mental, good thing I'm not a post count whore.

I want to revise my weapon choice: I would say the jets are the best weapons, they're free and have unlimited ammo.

Edited by BatFerYou
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Special carabine

AP pistol

Mini uzi (or how the hell it's called)

Combat MG

Bullpup shotgun


Rocket launcher

Sticky bombs

Heavy sniper rifle

Hammer (time



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Everyone saying Special Carbine...


I use the Advanced Rifle.

Has the fire rate of the Bullpup and the damage of the Special.

Depends how you play. I go for headshots all the time. On NPCs or other players and the better accuracy of the special carbine is really useful to get those headshots.

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Long range the Combat MG - The range lets you nail people before they can get you.

Medium range the Advanced rifle - That little extra range it gives over the Special carbine makes all the difference.

Short range the Assault shot gun- Nothing kills them quicker.


Notable mentions, Heavy sniper, marksman & AP pistol.


High power


Sticky's, proxy's, RPG's & Missiles


I hardly ever use the rest of the weapons they juts get in the way especially all the small guns when flicking though while driving.

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Death Rains From Above

Carbine Rifle

AP Pistol

Combat MG


Bullpup Shotgun

Heavy Sniper

RPG (I prefer the challenge of a regular RPG over the fire-and-forget Noob Launcher)

Baseball Bat / Golf Club

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Melee-Switchblade (I love the animation for opening and closing the blade)

Handguns-Heavy Pistol and Heavy Revolver

SMGs/MGs-Combat MG

Shotguns-Automatic Shotgun

Assault rifles-Special Carbine

Sniper rifles-Marksman Rifle and Heavy Sniper


Heavy-Homing Launcher

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Was special carbine, but is now the combat machine gun since the buff. Sometimes use machine gun since the buff, but also because I like the sound of it.


My favourite unofficial weapons are passive (last gen currently), a ledge and the bird gesture against armoured vehicles. Made a guy rage when I killed him for the bounty and picked my nose while standing on a roof (I was out of passive mode while picking my nose).

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I think the best rifle is still the Advanced Rifle, but I prefer the Special Carbine because it looks and sounds much better. For close combat I use the Asault Shotgun and for longer range the Combat MG or Marksman Rifle.

Edited by DBrasco
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AP Pistol is just useful for missions/heists, but Heavy Revolver is easily my favorite. Love taking Choppers out with it!


Special Carbine is my go-to free roam weapon, and silenced it keeps 5.0 from showing up instantly.


Heavy Sniper takes more skill, but if one uses the Marksman against me well I have one too.


Havent used Combat MG much, was unaware about the buff maybe I will try it out. Im very unaccurate with it for some reason.


When all else fails well, Fully auto, assault shotgun...accept no substitute.


Proxies are fun to use baiting and anticipating someones manuevers is very rewarding!


But I start every mission with my Knuckle Dusters just because theyre bad ass.

Edited by OpenMikeEagle
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To properly answer this question, it cannot be simply answered in a few lines. I feel it would not do the weapons I use any justice.


The AP Pistol was a weapon I have loved since DAY ONE of Grand Theft Auto V. When I first saw the gameplay trailer, I said, "That's the only weapon I will ever need in the game. When Online gets released, I want a stat by name, "Pistol Expert" with the AP Pistol being my favorite." If only that dream feature came true. I know that gun inside and out, from rate of fire to auto spray-patterns. It is a weapon of pure chaos when I hold it, and due to that, I have left it as a weapon to never use. Many users here agree, it is a weapon that should be re-named the, "OP Pistol". And I can say, with 2 years of using this weapon, I can whole heartedly agree.


The Assault Shotgun. A brother in arms to the AP Pistol. The destruction it has caused, the controversy. The hate, the stress, and most important of all; pain. Words, pictures, nothing, can explain the unison agreement in hate players have against this gun. It destroys, it wreaks havoc by itself, with the sole purpose of pain behind its creation. What makes this weapon worse, is who is using it. If the man behind the world's most devastating gun has no intentions of peace, God forbid he UNDERSTANDS such a weapon, may the Lord almighty help us all. This is the reason why I choose not to use it. It is an unfeeling piece of metal and screws, to which no-one should be on the receiving end of such hate. But, I digress. He who destroys, can also save. While such a destructive tool, it has saved my life one too many times, and I will forever be bound to its power, but I know now that it should never be abused.


The final, and most chaotic of them all, the RPG. It is a weapon that needs no more explaining than is necessary; it will kill anything that stands in its path. No man, no woman, no vehicle, and rarely, no tank can save anyone who must feel the wrath of this powerful tool. But with such power, it comes at a cost. Small for those who dedicate their lives in working, but for those who do not thrive in income, it is the last resort at all costs. Though, with such power, it requires some skill to harness its power, and some risk if misused, most often, once. Perceive an enemy too far, and you miss, being wide open to death while this weapon is being reloaded. Too short, and you sacrifice yourself. Thus, I only use this weapon when all efforts to victory have been futile, or when an escape for an un-winnable battle is of the utmost necessity.


There is a certain finess I have to the weaponry I use. I now prefer using weapons in the lower-class spectrum or not-as-popular-or effective, such as the Micro-SMG, Pump-Shotgun, and Assault Rifle. I stick to these because I want to give my fellow "competitors" (if they are a lower rank) a chance at fighting against me, and for the other reason of they cannot say I used an overpowered weapon against them (these weapons being readily available in free-roam) to win. Now, when things start to go in my opponents favor, or when I want things to end quickly, I use the weapons that are the BAIN yet are also the BLISS of my feeble in-game existence. Two weapons in particular, and the VERY RARELY used third. The silenced AP Pistol as a primary, the silenced Assault Shotgun, and the IN-CASE-OF-EMERGENCY-USE-AT-ALL-F*CKING-COSTS tertiary, the RPG.

Edited by Shrreder2017
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