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Need Bullet traces Mod


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Hello. I am new here on forum. I was searching for the [VC]bullet traces mod by ThirteenAG but unfortunately I couldn't. I had it in my old hdd and it is dead. I tried to ask ThirteenAG on Youtube but he seems to be not replying on my comment. So I decided to come here and request this mod if anyone have.
Here is the link to Mod's post: http://gtaforums.com/topic/701868-vc-gta-vice-city-tracer-bullet/?p=1066200483
Can someone help me ? :/


Sorry If I posted in wrong section. You may move my post to correct section.


Hope I get this mod. :/

nvm.. I just installed 2dfx mod and got them in :D Thanks for visiting my post. :p

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