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My school is horrible


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Why it is that my school has no field trips,no student council,or anything fun.I just feel so bored that my grades started dropping right after i went into 7th grade.I go to a private school in Queens,NY i'm not telling you the name in case a crazy person finds this topic and then burns down the school.I just feel miserable at my school that every time i head to school i feel unhappy.Is it me or the school?

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Before the mods tell you let me just recommend you use the Have A Question V3 Thread


To answer your question I would say it's the school I guess if your not going on field trips that may be because your school is low on funds... If you feel bored at school then idk join a after school program that peaks your interest

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i have a feeling youre still in 7th grade lol

Edited by MikeMyth
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Jolly Swagman

Believe it or not but I really have no idea why your school doesn't have field trips. Perhaps you might ask someone there rather than on a Video game forum. Just an idea

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Tbh Op , as a ex middle schooler current high schooler, I suggest you just deal with it for 2 more years . It's just middle school, grades don't matter as much in middle school


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That would suck to not have field trips.

For reals. I mean you have to go on a field trip at least once during your school years.
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You think school sucks? Wait till you become an adult and have real responsibilities such as getting a job, mortgage and other bills then you'll be wishing you were still in your boring school.

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Please use the "grumpy old forumers" thread for all moping and moaning, though I can't imagine you're going to get much sympathy there either.

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