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Two questions

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Hey guys, I'm new-ish to this forum so please bear with me if I'm breaking any rules or posting in the wrong section.

Anyways, I've already played GTA Advance (up to 98%, the last race being a pain in my back ever since March '15) and I'm thinking of revamping the GTA Wiki images for the cars that are also in Advance, and for that I'd also like to get the images for the cars when they're sideways (mid flipping-over). So, my questions are:

1. Does anyone know about a website or someone with the vehicles sideways sprites? I've googled a lot to no results.

2. What is the best way to flip over a vehicle on the game? I know heavier vehicles will flip by themselves if you take a turn at high speed, but I have no idea how to tackle smaller cars. I've tried going to a distance and hitting their side the hardest I could but most of the times they disappear or just slide away.

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If you could record lossless video from an emulator (shouldn't be too difficult given the low resolution) and launch the cars from ramps with a bit of turn, they should slowly flip over and even do a complete barrel roll if you hit it just right. Then you could crop individual frames, and edit those images to get the sprites you want :)


Good luck!

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Thanks for the tip, after a lot of tries I managed to get about 2 cars flipped, I guess it must be cuz you need to hit the ramps at a certain speed with a certain angle. At least now I can get to these particular sprites. :D

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Tried this, amazing

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