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GTA V Online | F1 Tournament | Xbox 360


Recommended Posts

I will be starting too host a weekly F1 tournament and realistic racing environment every Saturday. This event will take place at UTC+8 Perth. If you are intrested in joining, read the rules below and contact me on Xbox Live. My username is Vortonix. This is majority Australian and New Zealand people due too connection issues but if you are from another country and willing to attempt and event, contact me.


Car choice & modifications

During any racing event you are free to use any car you want and any combination of modifications you have. No cars/tyres are banned. Whilst we suggest you'll get more fun out of mixing it up and you'll often see a lot of players use different cars with various modifications, if you want to use your Elegy with Off-Road tyres you're more than welcome.

Track selection & boundaries

If you're hosting a lobby you're free to choose any track you like and as a player you're free to not accept an invite if the track doesn't suit you. We aren't going to stop you from hosting "Ramps, Ramps, Ramps", although given the focus is more on proper racing you may be more successful with more well known regular race tracks. Better yet, get involved in our community to get into some racing rather than host your own races hoping for a few joiners.

The boundaries of a track are set by the creator using props and checkpoints. You are free to go anywhere on the track within the confines of those aspects, including off to the side of the road hunting for kerbs or taking advantage of bad (or sometimes intended) track design with corner cuts and shortcuts. As long as you're racing cleanly then go wherever you want.

Staying until the end

When you join a race, a playlist of races, or an event you are expected to participate for the full length of it. This means you do not quit before the end or stop by the side of the road, even if you are in last place. Continued reports of rage quitting races or stopping and waiting for them to finish, in addition to not showing up to events that you've signed up for, will result in the usual warning and potential temporary bans, as will not following any of the guidelines below.

During a race

1. We race with contact turned on because it requires an extra level of skill in overtaking and defending from opponents. This does not however mean contact is allowed. Some side by side rubbing going into a corner when a move is already mostly done cleanly is fine, but knocking someone off-line or causing them to crash most certainly isn't. If this happens as an accident you are expected to pull over to the side of the road away from other cars and wait for the person you hit to get back into position as an apology.

2. As an extension to point 1, driving backwards on the track and intentionally ramming people off the road are severe no-nos and will result in being kicked from any later events very quickly. If you want to troll please go elsewhere.

3. If you are knocked off the track do not make it your number one mission to get back on as quickly as possible. First wait for oncoming cars to pass and make sure you re-enter the track without getting in someone's way. If you cause an accident when coming back on the track you must again wait for the person you hit.

4. Blue flags are present in all races. If you're about to go a lap down and the leaders are coming up behind you, safely move over to the side of the road and let them past without losing too much time. Do not under any circumstances actively block or defend from those who are trying to lap you.

5. Remember that there will be people in a race who are both better and worse than you, and that it will vary from track to track and car to car. If you are stuck behind someone who is racing cleanly but is slower than you and you can't get past then that is on you, not them. It is not an excuse to rage at them or knock them off - get better at overtaking.

6. If someone makes an overtaking move on the inside of you and they are more than half way alongside your car as you go to turn into the corner you must give them room on the inside. You cannot simply turn into them anyway. Conversely if you're not far enough up the inside of someone when attempting to overtake you should back out of the move as they are within their rights to turn into the corner and any resulting crash will be your fault.

7. If you are on the outside of someone going around a corner and you aren't at least fully alongside their car you should back out, as they are well within their rights to take the racing line and run you out of room on the outside with any resulting crash being your fault. Conversely if you're on the inside and someone is fully alongside you on the outside you must give them a car's width of space.

8. You can only make one move on a straight to defend your position. You can't weave from side to side to keep someone behind you.

General racing guidelines

1. Swallow your pride. If you're new to the events do not expect to join and be winning races. You'll be racing against some of the quickest guys on any racing game in this event and you will lose, at least initially. Look at it from a perspective of improvement by racing against the best rather than being ultra try-hard and competitive. We're pretty laid back here.

2. Look at other sources to improve your racing knowledge and general racecraft. Some YouTube series such as one from Broughy1322 aim to cover all of that, there is a great source of information on the rules of racing on, and there are posts on forums which explains racing etiquette in a little more detail. These are the proper rules of racing that we adhere to so it's worth your time learning about them. If in doubt you're welcome to post in this thread with a question about a specific situation and someone will answer it.

One final point to note is this: Remember that we aren't strictly speaking a hardcore racing event/crew as mentioned in our guidelines. We do a lot of other things too, it's just racing is a central focus. The main focus though is creating an enjoyable place to do whatever activity it is you want to do and we are in general pretty laid back. So if you're looking for someone to care about your world record lap time or the fact you just won that last race you may want to look elsewhere.


Event Guidelines

Starting an event

1. To start with you should post your event thread on the forum and leave it for one of the higher people too look it over to ensure it is okay. If it isn't you will receive some requests on how to bring your event up to standard, and when it is it will be moved to the relevant platform specific board where members can sign up to participate. To expedite this process, follow these guidelines for your event.

2. When creating a new event thread, put the platform's name in brackets as the first word in the title, then the event name, followed by the date and time. The platforms are PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.
e.g. (PS4) Event Name - 1st April, 6:00 p.m.

3. Use the calendar. Look for any available dates, talk to your participants and check other events' times so you don't clash. You can also add your event to the too the schedule by talking with a official too arrange that date

4. Use only UTC time. There is a UTC clock displayed on google and it is used so participants from other countries don't get confused about when events are starting. See below for more details on times.

5. Notify your participants using User Links or tags to remind them they have been added to the event. Edit your first post to write a list of all the participants in it.

6. If your event takes place across multiple days, such as a championship, put the dates and times of each race in the original post. If changes need to be made to the calendar, contact an official.

Postponing, cancelling and changing dates

1. If your event has been postponed or cancelled or you have changed the date then you must let your participants know with a post in the thread. Tag them or send them a message if necessary so they know.

2. Let the staff know so they can remove or change the date from and move it out of the Events board if it is cancelled.

3. Events that consistently get postponed without any sign of getting off the ground will be removed from the Events board and therefore considered cancelled.

Ending an event

1. When your event is complete you must edit the first post of the thread and change the title of it to include “COMPLETED” in the first part.
e.g. COMPLETED (PS4) Event Name

2. Write a post saying that the event has been completed. e.g. “Thanks to everyone for coming and congratulations to the winner.” At the end of this send a staff member a private message and remind them to move the thread to the Completed Events board.

3. Any event thread that hasn't been posted in for over 1 week and doesn't show any activity will be placed in the Completed Events board and assumed to be abandoned.

General event guidelines

1. Don't make your event too long. "Championships" sound cool but they're also most likely to never be finished. A maximum length of five rounds for a championship style event (if one round per week), or one month if more than five rounds (ie. two races/days per week), is the recommended amount for most events to ensure all participants can commit to the entire event length.

2. There's nothing wrong with one day events. A single event featuring multiple shorter races or even one long race on a single day at a set time are very popular as it requires little commitment from participants and set up from the host. Consider running something like this as either a one-off or a test for a longer championship if you're new to event hosting.

3. The recommended length for events as explored in point 1 will become a hard cap for new events or events from first time hosters.

4. As host you are responsible for the smooth running of your event and to deal with any disputes that arise from it. Staff should only be involved if something gets out of hand. Also remember to keep participants informed of what's going on by posting updates in the thread and tagging them if necessary.

5. By default standard racing rules as seen above will apply for all events and all participants will be expecting that. You are welcome to go against these in your event but it must be made clear in the first post before signups begin (ie. all contact allowed, high end tyres only, Elegy/Jester RC banned, crossovers, etc).


UTC is the most common time standard used across the world. In order to avoid the confusion of changing the clocks at different times of the year it remains constant throughout. The time in UTC (0) is displayed in the top left of every page on this forum and below is a list of common UTC offsets. Just look at the UTC time in the top left and either add to or subtract from it depending on where you live in the world to work out the time for you (although be mindful of daylight savings time for wherever you are).

UTC-10: Honolulu
UTC-9: Anchorage
UTC-8: Los Angeles, Vancouver, Tijuana
UTC-7: Phoenix, Calgary, Ciudad Juárez
UTC-6: Chicago, Guatemala City, Mexico City, San José, San Salvador, Winnipeg
UTC-5: New York, Lima, Toronto
UTC-3: Buenos Aires, São Paulo
UTC: London, Dublin, Lisbon
UTC+1: Paris, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Lagos, Madrid, Tunis, Vienna, Warsaw
UTC+2: Athens, Cairo, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Bucharest
UTC+3: Moscow, Nairobi,
UTC+4: Dubai
UTC+7: Bangkok, Hanoi
UTC+8: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perth
UTC+9: Seoul, Tokyo
UTC+10: Brisbane
UTC+12: Auckland

List of all time zones \/ https://en.wikipedia...TC_time_offsets

This may end up confusing instead of helping a few simply because some people will not be moved out of their set ways, but it is much more logical than other time zones with untenable elements like clocks moving forwards or backwards for daylight saving.

If you need any help or have any questions you can find ways to contact the staff via Xbox Live or any other way, but also remember that when you ask a question commissioners will respond to it with anything that needs tweaking

Good luck!


All staffs Xbox Live usernames are below:

~ Stansah

~ Vortonix

Edited by Vortonix
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