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Schafter V12 vs Armored V12. Faster?


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Could somebody please tell me if the normal Schafter V12 version is faster than the armored version of the V12?

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The normal Schafter v12 version is faster than the armored version of the V12







Thought keep in mind that the Schafter v12 custom is a Sports while the Armored V12 custom remains a sedan (which may be subject to change)

Edited by CrysisAverted
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the standard V12's acceleration comparable to zentorno and a top speed rivaling adder . the handling is a mixed bag : very tight cornering radius & strong response time but extremely powerful engine makes prone to oversteer and lose control . Keeping it under control is no easy feat in the corners, as the torque put out by the engine is significantly more than the car can handle.


the armored version trades zentorno's acceleration for slightly higher top speed and durability ( while the armor is not dense as kuruma's - meaning the kuruma's armor less noticeable crash deformation as with JB700 , coquette classic , casco , roosevelt . the armored v12 capable taking direct hit even by rhino's cannon ) . as with other new armored vehicles , this car also comes with bullet-resistant glass

Edited by Sky_Light12
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/thread....an other useless one at that...again

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Also, the normal Schafter V12 gets moved up into the Sports Car category, whereas the armoured Schafter V12 remains in the Sedans category. So even though the normal V12 is faster, the armoured V12 is more competitive for racing in its class (that's if you ever come across a sedan category race anyway, lol).

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