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Deathmatches need a overhaul


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As the title says.


At the moment, they are ruined by people who spam 'Reveal Players' and just shoot explosives. Don't even get me started on the Power Player, it's basically 'you're doing well, time to die, and make your opponent OP with Bullshark Testosterone'.


What this game needs is a way to toggle certain weapon types (or just add toggle so you can turn off 'heavy' weaponry), if anyone has played GoldenEye on the N64, you'll know what I mean. Also an option to disable perks, this includes: using Lester, losing streaks, power player and bullshark testosterone.


I know helmets get a lot of hate on here too, so an option to disable them as well. Personally I don't have an issue with them, you have 10 outfit slots, and if you deathmatch a lot it makes sense to have an outfit with one.


Additional toggle options include hiding the mini-map, disabling inventory and being able to choose your own teams. Why I'm always on the opposing side when playing with friends and crew is really annoying.

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choosing your team would be really op with randoms cause i'd get the high elvel ones, but imo if u got friends and crew in the lobby they should be in your team, even though i don't play much tdm's

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We should get good killstreaks instead of our screen getting a sh*t filter that impairs our vision. It seems the pvp community is no where near as vocal as the racing community, the ability to buy ammo for f*cking rpg spam in deathmatches should have been removed quickly and I agree about the spamming radar. PVP rewards richer players since I guess they can afford to lose money on deathmatches so they can boost their egos.



Way to reward players for doing good C*

Edited by CrysisAverted
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Agree, the losing/winning streak hurts my eyes (exception if it's night). For the BP helmet, just make it where we don't have the ability to use custom outfits in general. Instead, an example of what I mean is, the mechanic if you were to choose "Crew/Leader choice" heist.

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My only issue is the Bulletproof Helmets. It takes forever for people to die from a "carbine only" locked 1v1. Granted i'm still learning free aim, it's been a tough learning curve but after only a couple days play and mastering Standard FPS2 i'm getting pretty good and it's fun UNTIL a player with a Bulletproof Helmet joins.

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