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[REL|VC|SA] GTASOL: Trilogy - GTAIII, VC and SA maps.


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Welcome to GTA: VC & SA: SOL46.9v5 Trilogy (Wild Tatonka)

Join us by Webchat.

Web chat -> http://chat.mibbit.c...irc.ukscifi.net

This is a new version of GTA: State of Liberty based on map version 5 (Trilogy). this version has a clean set of original maps made from scratch that took 12 days, converted and adjusted to work together with the help of IgorX and Mex.

VC engine;
This version of GTA: SOL Trilogy is running on an enhanced version of the Vice City game engine with a lot of added functionality taken from San Andreas and Liberty City with some new ideas I soon plan to add to improve overall game play such as the player/actor being able to crawl, swim, and climb.

SA engine;
This version has a clean set of original maps ported from the VC version of Trilogy, converted and adjusted to work together with the help of Mex and Fastman92.

I need your support. ideas or anything you would like to add (please don't be shy) just post it. Your input, likes or anything you would like to say goes along way. makes me think this is worth doing. All this time i've been working on the VC SOL version for 11 years.

Both versions from next year will be ported to the SA/Rage engines.

So this version will act as a base for what is to come. Merry Christmas.

To Install;

This Beta version is for everyone, Please follow the install process below if you want to install the mod manually.

Unpack the archive over your freshly installed GTA VC folder and you're ready to run the Start-SOL.exe.

If you have any problems installing the mod, Please follow the readme file that is in the mod folder and can also be downloaded from GTAG.

I have implemented the LOD draw distance fix.


New version; 27/12/2014 - 2 more versions left to go before this ends up on the SA engine..

I am trying to get everything in the game perfectly for LC, VC and SA before we move onwards.

Download; SOLVC 65.9

-fix, LOD draw distance rendering fixes.
-fix, LOD rendering for near objects.
-not to be used in the infusions version.

Old Links; SOLVC 46.8v5

Old Links; SOLVC 46.4v5

Old Links; SOLVC 46.2v5

Bugs fixed;

Added missing objects around LC - Building site.
Fixed water bug near LC.
Fixed other numerus bugs around LC.


I fixed this by replacing all the peds and textures. gta3.img got messed up.

1. Sometimes for reasons unknown we have cop city, where the peds spawn as cops only.

I noticed in the original GTAIII the generic textures are named as generic.txd, I renamed this to gtaiii and amended the game_lc.ide as to not clash with VC or SA.

2. Missing textures around LC.


3. Missing buildings around VC.

I simply replaced what I noticed to be missing.


4. The Phone booth (box) in the sky that has been a running joke throughout SOL that no one could find, this turns out to be engine generated. Joke from Rockstar maybe where E.T could secretly call home.

Fixed by patching a memory address.

Bugs to be fixed / Stuff to think about!

1. The LODs are back in the game and the engine isn't rendering this correctly, the port to SA and Rage this problem may go away.

2. Zone files MAP.ZON, INFO.ZON, NAVIG.ZON limits need to be looked at.

3. Alpha objects and Backward Culling need to be addressed,

4. Radar and Water tables need to be updated.

5. Ped/Vehicle spawn frequency needs improving.

6. New path array for trains.

If you know or have spotted anything else, tell us.. Edited by X-Seti
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  • 4 months later...

It contains different storyline?

I mean I played the story (mission) but I don't understand single bit of it. What I'm supposed to do in mission?

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There is a sample mission and only that.


Making a story for this project takes a lot of commitment, time and energy.


Unless someone comes on board and does this for the project, we are only going to have that test mission.

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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 year later...

No team, Just me.


So things only get done when I have time here and there. My illness doesn't help matters either.


As you see this version is done and ready to download (latest version will be the last from me). I would from this point on invite, welcome others to fix any future bugs and release the mod to continue the project.


My time is on the infusions version where a lot of remodelling is happening.


Latest Download;



Edited by X-Seti
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  • 2 months later...
  • 9 months later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 7 months later...

Miss Liberty for GTASOL65.9Trilogy(NoMoreTatonka)(By default, it is not there for some reason ...)

This mod returns the island with the statue back.

Installation: Copy the contents of the GTA SOL Trilogy to the game directory.

Mod: Miss Liberty SOL Trilogy

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Edited by acfoqusgx
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  • 6 months later...
  • 1 year later...

Yes, I realize that the thread is dead, however ... I don't suppose someone has a working link to (latest) Trilogy, v65.9?

  • Bruh 1
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@Wild-Tatanka Hello, could you please fix the links? These are all dead, and the google drive one requires permission for download

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4 hours ago, CharlesD.Ward said:

@Wild-Tatanka Hello, could you please fix the links? These are all dead, and the google drive one requires permission for download

He's gone, according to his profile hasn't been active in almost a year. Which is why I asked in here, I'm hoping that someone maybe downloaded the latest version & kept it somewhere safe.


Over the last 10 years or so I've done the same thing for GTA: LC unofficial mods multiple times, so I'm hoping that someone will "repay" me the same way :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Maybe the newest release of 69.5 is Prime Cuts (from the other thread), maybe is newer than NoMoreTatonka from this thread

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