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Problems to play/convert PSX .XA files

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Hi guys.

I'm trying to open a .XA file in the game Dance!Dance!Dance!(J) [sLPM-86150].

I tried everything I could find in the Internet (jpsxdec, PSmplay, PSound, pstr, PSX Multi Converter, PSX Hacking Tools, psxplay, psxtulz, psxv120, ReVOLUX, superxa2wav, xa_audio_converter, xa2wav ...)

but I simply can`t open, nor play, nor convert the file. I just want, at least, listen the musics.

I used CDmage to extract the .XA file from the .bin image and It reported no errors. After this, jpsxec started to inform that the "Disc Image does not have raw headers-audio may not be detected". It report no errors during indexing, but founds no sound!

I tried to open the file directly from the .bin image using jpsxdec, but It coudn`t read it well and returned errors.

I searched for a player that runs on the PSX too, remembered action replay and gameshark media player feature, but they doesn`t played the .XA file, nothing again...

Will I have to edit/add a header to the file to make it playable/convertable?

What I do? I already spent a week searching for a solution!

I would appreciate a help.


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