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[MP] End of an era



9 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favorite/s character in the [MP] ?

    • Chad Adams
    • John Royce
    • Tommy Vercetti
    • Claude
    • Toni Cipriani
    • Carl Johnson (CJ)
    • Victor Vance
    • Vito Masseria
    • Lucy Meyers

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Sound Files:






Here I am again. Another project, another story, another couple of months working on, making, perfecting, for two reasons:

For you people to experience, and

For my own creative release.

This Mission pack was conceived as my final DYOM project. I've been around a while, and most likely will be a while more after this is finished, but I doubt I will ever make a mission pack of this scale. Like every time before this one will be my favorite theme: good ole' GTA style. I myself was never fan of making a story using already established characters. For this one I made an exception. I dared to touch into the sacred GTA lore and combine all our favorite 3D era titles into an fan made continuation.


I've pulled the protagonists from:

GTA3 - Claude

Vice City - Tommy Vercetti

San Andreas - Carl Johnson

Liberty City Stories - Toni Cipriani

Vice City Stories - Vic Vance


Here I present you project I call: End of an era

This is a mission pack that follows life of all 3D era protagonists after their respective games. Therefore story starts after the events of the GTA3, around 2002. Under a simple idea I've put all the protagonists in one town, Las Venturas. They are pitted against each other in a bloody war for the control.

I've tried staying true to the characters as much as possible. Its not like all of them wanna piece of cake and enter a war. They all have their reasons. They are neither good or bad. Honestly depends on a viewpoint of the player.

I've considered making one of the protagonists also mine protagonist, but that left with a problem of favorism. Then I had an idea to make each chapter played from a viewpoint of another protagonist eg. one chapter with Claude, one with Tommy, and story would progress as the chapters go. My problem with this version was finishing the storyline. I do not wanna make any of them win easily (Like gameplay makes us do most of the time)

I decided to make a new protagonist. Closely tied to a major characther. I've worked on developing a personality for him. I believe I've made a complicated character that most people would love, and or associate with. Now its your job to decide is he good or bad. Are his actions just or not.

The old protagonists might have a bit of personality change. Sadly its unavoidable sometimes, but I've had to make some small changes here and there. But I always say they aged. Things changed, and they changed.


You will see a number of characters that survived their respective games like: Mickey Hamfists, 8ball, Woozie etc.

And you will see some new characthers I've made for the purpose of enriching the story (hopefully) like John,Jules,Randy.


Like always, I want you to have fun, let yourself get immersed and enjoy.




2002. Las Venturas, city of gambling and quick weddings.

Las Venturas prospered in last few years. Mafia involvement in the casinos was never smaller. Woozie still runs the 4 dragons, foreign investors and all kind of businessmen and celebrities are walking down the streets. Casino game is bigger then ever. Everyone that is anyone wants a slice of the cake.


After the death of Salvatore Leone, Leone gang was in decline. Joey Leone didn't want to be a part of the mafia anymore and declined an offer to become new don Leone. Most people lost hope after his refusal and left the Leones. It was Toni Cipriani, the loyal friend to Salvatore that stood up and decided to take the mantle of don of Leone and continue the operations. He decided to leave Liberty City permanently and settle in the desert. More precisely Las Venturas. Leones still owned a part of the Caligula from a while ago. After selling their property in Liberty, Toni bought out the casino and hotel fully. Now he and Leones are always around Caligula. Toni is seeking to legalise his operation as much as possible without losing influence and money. Soon he found himself sinking financially. He and his advisers are working on dealing with the situation.


Tommy Vercetti and his Vercetti gang are stronger than ever. They rule the drug trade on East coast right now. Everybody is afraid of them thanks to their powerful friends and connections.Tommy wants more than he has. He is preparing to take over even the west coast and establish a total drug empire all over the USA. He sent his two best men to prepare his arrival in Las Venturas. He plans on controlling both the casino game and the drug trade in the country.


Carl Johnson became a wealthy businessman. He resides in Los Santos currently. He distanced himself from grove street families once again after the gang threat was over. He continued buying and repairing then selling properties for next few years. Bought himself a fancy apartment in a skyscraper in Los Santos. He and Sweet are not on super terms. He currently focuses mostly on his investments and his managed job for the rap star Madd Dogg. But even after all these years spend sitting in a chair and buying and selling stuff, Carl still knows to cause chaos. Especially when someone touches into his family and friends.


Claude disappeared after the events of GTA3. No one knows where he went or if he is even alive. There are stories about him working as a hitman for wealthy people around the country. No one knows for sure, but knowing Claude he is always somewhere lurking.


Victor Vance staged his death during '86 after making a deal with Ricardo Diaz. Diaz promised him a safe passage if he gave up his drug empire and left the town never to return. Tired of everything that happened by then Vic accepted. He flew to Mexico and lived low profile for years. He was with mercenary group for some time. He was kicked out after an incident and found refuge with Mexican outlaw groups. He managed to raise to leader status in a few years. He transformed the outlaws and made a drug cartel, called Mexican Cartel. He started expanding rapidly and is sometimes even seen in Las Venturas. Currently he and his Mexican companions are terrorizing the deserts of Bone county.






Chad Adams

Age: 36

From: Vice City

Nationality: American


Born to a dysfunctional american family Chad has always been cast aside. His family never game much thought about his well-being. Frustrated with his life he decided to take matters in his own hands. He ran away and settled in Vice city. He lived on streets. Robbing people on street and dealing dope to make his survival. During this time period he met John Royce who shared similar fate. They bonded quickly and strongly thanks to their similar look on life. Together they made quite a name in the Vice city underworld. They caught the attention of Tommy Vercetti who decided to give the two boys a chance. They proved themselves and soon they were working under Vercetti inc. name. Tommy gave them a place to stay at his mansion at Starfish island, and thought them all he knew about survival in an criminal world. As an way to say thanks Chad and John were sent first to scout the situation in Venturas.




John Royce:

Age: 33

From: Vice city

Nationality: American


John was orphaned very young. During his time he was a problem child always making problems. This led to even worse treatment from his superiors. Frustrated and angry he managed to escape the orphanage. At age of only 14 he turned to crime and drugs. It turned out that he was talented for chaos. On streets he met Chad Adams. They soon became very close. They worked together and became notorious in Vice City. They were approched by Tommy Vercetti and offered a place in his gang. They proved themselves and from that day on worked for Tommy. He is sent along with Chad to Las Venturas to set up the new Vercetti inc. operation.




Tommy Vercetti:

Age: 51

From: Liberty City

Nationality: Italian-American


Born and raised in Liberty City. Thanks to his Italian blood he became a member of Forelli mafia. Unsure about Tommy, Sonny Forelli set up Tommy, and he ended up in prison. After doing his time in prison Tommy was sent to Vice City. Tommy took his opportunity in Vice and broke free from Forelli. He eventually killed Sonny and took full control of Vice city. After Vice City Tommy's power never stopped growing. He continued his work all over the eastern coast and after years of work managed to create the biggest smuggling operation on East coast. Wanting more he ventures to West Coast and Las Venturas to conquer ever more with his Vercetti gang. Tommy took John and Chad under his wing after the Events of Vice City, and trained them into a killing machines to further his goal. He succeeded and those two became his life work.




Toni Cipriani:

Age: 34

From: Liberty City

Nationality: Italian-American


Toni's parent are associated with Leone family. Naturally Toni himself joined the Leones. Toni was always close to Salvatore Leone. Together they took out 2 most powerful families in the city, Forellis and Sindaccos. After that Toni continued working for Salvatore untill his death. Toni was made a don, after Joey refused the position.Toni has grown a bit more paranoid after his 'promotion'. Hes careful and calculating. But man if he gets pissed, he is not a stranger to massacres. Toni is leading Leones in new direction. Towards legal assets and casino game. Which might not be as easy as he thought.




Wu Zi Mu:

Age: 30-40

From: Hong Kong

Nationality: Chinese-American


Woozie is a good friend of Carl Johnson and a owner of 4 dragons casino in Las Venturas. With CJ's help he weaken the mafia influence during 1992. Which in return kinda helped Salvatore in the war against the other 2 families, and eventually made it possible for him to single-handedly own a piece of Caligula before his death. Currently Woozie is working on his casino and trying to stay away from any more troubles and problems. Except that he was his hands in some overseas business aswell.





Mickey Hamfists:

Age: 35-45

From: Liberty City

Nationality: Italian-American


Before his promotion, he was considered a dumb muscle by Salvatore, only later his full potential got revealed.He is Toni's right hand man. Hes the guy for wisdom and advice in Leone gang. Also dangerous when pissed. Micky was know for being a respected member and a bodyguard to Luigi Goterelli during Salvarores leadership. After the murder of Salvatore and Toni's takeover, he accepted the position of consigliere for Toni. Along with Toni and Leones he relocated to Las Venturas, and now assists Toni with his problems.





Age: 30's

From: San Fierro

Nationality: American


Before Liberty City, he was a well known street racer. He joined in with Catalina and together they traveled the country robbing places. In Liberty Catalina betrayed Claude. He eventually found her and killed her and made lot of chaos in Liberty. Especially by killing Salvatore Leone. After the events of GTA3 Claude single-handedlly managed to weaken three major gangs in the city: Leones, Columbians and Yakuza, and even wipe out lesser ones. Claude vanishes with Maria after he killed Catalina at the Cochrane dam. No one heard from him since. There were talks of him being in Europe working as a hitman for mayor players all over the continent, there were also stories that he ended up dead, some were saying he traveled far away and lives out rest of his life in luxury. No one knows for certain.



Jules Moreau:

Age: 46

From: France

Nationality: French


A French investor. Tommy's contact in LV. Knows his way around land and buying the same. Jules made a name for himself dealing working with major players in real estate business. Using his slyness and criminal involvement he managed to make a fortune and buy himself a whole building in Las Venturas. His past is shady, and so are his dealing. Tommy Vercetti trusts him for some reasons and partners up with him. He is no stranger to dirty ways of acquiring what he wants.


Jose Navarro


From:Vice city



Jose is a high ranking member of Vercetti gang. Before joining Tommy he worked for Victor Vance and his brother Lance. When Lance joined forces with Tommy Jose was there. Jose and Tommy became good friends. With Lances' betrayal Jose chose to stay loyal to Tommy. He continued to work and climb ranks and became a very important person in the organisation. Currently Jose is leading Vercetti smuggling branch in the Bone County.


Vito Masseria


From:Las Venturas



Vito started out as a small time thug. He ran with low end gangsters in Las Venturas during his early years. His talent was noticed by a Vercetti recruiter and he was given a golden opportunity. He accepted and now helps out Jose in the desert.


Lucy Meyers

Age: 31

From: Las Venturas



Lucy is an entrepreneur, and a good one. Don't be fooled by her sweet looks, this lady surely didn't make it in life being nice. Her past is shady and she is well known in the 'circles of powerful people'. She is ambitions and desires power, as much as she can get.





Vercetti gang / Vercetti inc

Color: Dark Blue

Car: Black Huntley

Territory: Visage Hotel


Made from remains of Vance gang and Diaz cartel in Vice City. It was created by Tommy Vercetti for purpose of enforcing his will in Vice City. After the events of GTA VC gang only continued to grow and expand. With ties all over the world, Vercetti gang has steady income of illegal arms and drugs. They own the largest smuggling operation on East coast. They are looking to expand to West coast, more precisely Las Venturas. They are the largest illegal organisation in the states.


Leone Mafia

Color: Dark Yellow / Golden

Car: Black Sentinel

Territory: Caligula casino and hotel


Hailing from Liberty city and lead by Toni Cipriani, Leones made their name under leadership of Salvatore Leone. Salvatore worked mostly in Liberty City. Salvatore often clashed with Forelli and Sindacco families. During 1992 Salvatore and other 2 families made a deal to co-own Caligula. Naturally everyone had plans to throw out the other family. Salvatore proved himself dominant before he got robbed by Carl Johnson. Salvatore returned back to Liberty afterwards and continued his operation there. With help of Toni Cipriani mob grew even more. After Salvatore's death and Toni's takeover, Leones relocated to Liberty. Toni is leading them in a new direction without illegal content. They still keep an arms trade and several protection rackets. Mickey Hamfists is also making friends in the city sistem.



Color: Dark Red

Car: White Sultan

Territory: 4 dragons casino and hotel


Triads in Las Venturas are lead by Wu Zi Mu, who is also closely associated with Carl Johnson. Triads are international organisation with several branches. Triads have lot of business intrests. Wu Zi Mu's branch is holding casinos and betting shops. Except that part Triads also work with smuggling goods from China to states and make a fine profit there. They are known for smuggling cars aswell.They have guns and recruits coming in everyday. Triads are not intrested in expanding. They are proud and will fight back if provoked.


Mexican Cartel/Gang

Color: Light blue

Car: Glendale, Oceanic

Territory: Fort Carson


Originally an outlaw group spreading mayhem back in home country Mexico. After Victor Vance left the mercenary group, he joined the Mexican outlaws. Soon he rose up the ranks, and became their leader. Mexicans make profit mostly from theft and drug dealing. Under Vic they expanded their business and now do everything that gains them cash. Their primary source of income is the drug trade and smuggling happening in desert close to Venturas.


Grove Street Families/GSF/Grove Street

Color: Green

Car: Savanna, Greenwood

Territory: Los Santos/ East LS


Founded and led by Sean Johnson 'Sweet', GSF are a typical street gang. After the events of GTA: San Andreas, CJ with his power and influence made sure that GSF are the dominant criminal organisation in the city. He supplies them with guns, and supplies. GSF make their money by theft, prostitution, racketeering and tons of small time jobs. CJ and Sweet both dislike working with hard drugs and combat their use and spread in the city of LS




At beginning of chapter 1:






































END OF AN ERA [FULL] Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/45147


Chapter 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40683


  • 1. City of lights
  • 2. Whole lotta leather
  • 3. Hunted
  • 4. Asset in the city
  • 5. Distributors
  • 6. Enemy of my enemy
  • 7. Key to the city
  • 8. Armoured truck robbery
  • 9. Guardian angel
  • 10. No land for the heroes
  • 11. No rest for the wicked
  • 12. Aftermath

Chapter 2 : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42280


  • 1. Chinese democracy
  • 2. New boys in town
  • 3. Battlefront
  • 4. Lost
  • 5. Old friend
  • 6. Behind enemy lines
  • 7. Hell broken loose
  • 8. Warm Welcome
  • 9. Salvation
  • 10. Under the blue yonder
  • 11. Dam the river
  • 12. Never a dull moment

Chapter 3 : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44592


  • 1. Jailbreak
  • 2. Gold dragon
  • 3. Bloody business
  • 4. Eavesdrop
  • 5. Long haul
  • 6. Stalker
  • 7. Coldblooded
  • 8. Escalation
  • 9. Roadrunner
  • 10. Where the loyalty lies
  • 11. To end all wars... Part1
  • 12. To end all wars... Part2

Chapter 4 [Final Chapter]: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/45144


Revenge Ending:

  • 1. Follow the instinct
  • 2. Freebird
  • 3. Former partner
  • 4. ...and your enemies closer
  • 5. One more thing left


Loyalty Ending:

  • 1. Follow the heart
  • 2. You had it coming
  • 3. Battle of the Bayside
  • 4. Wounded Lion
  • 5. Destination: Paradise





More to come. There is still stuff to be made and created (topic wise ofc)

(Seems like there is some upload problems right now. Its made and ready. I'll see to it asap)

(Might not be uploaded tomorrow, I'm not gonna be at home)



Notes to self:

Its temportary for now, untill I find a way to upload my altered skin changes.

Note to self: NEVER make car routes across the damn dam

Making pre-script dialogue really kills the fun in designing.

There are 36 missions made and playable with chapter 3. It might go up to 40 when its all finished. Not many in last chapter.

Today is 8.V.2016. Man have I been busy with school. Right now its starting to settle down a bit. I've got a little more free time.

I will continue designing missions for this mission pack as the time progresses and I will only release them by chapters.

There are more things coming concerning this storyline so stay tuned.

21.V.2016. School is over. Now I have tons of free time for a while. I finished Chapter 2 today and I'm uploading it.

I believe that today I've made my best mission ever. If only I could stress the game over 80 objectives...

1.X.2016. I've been away a while, and I got back here. Again. And here it is Chapter 3 is released. Now its up to working on promotion a bit. This was supposed to be finished months ago, but I was a lazy slob.

I'm on my last school year right now and pretty busy, and not to mention the stress it creates. Its hard to find time to work on a project right but I'm enthusiastic about this series and hopefully will have more spare time to develop it.

Edited by Aflien
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  • 3 months later...



(That sure took a while)


Download it, play it, rate it, review it. I always wanna hear your opinions.

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  • 4 months later...





Chapter 3 is released. Check it out. 36 missions in GTA style are playable right now.


If you would like to shoot,drive, blow up sh*t most of the time. This is the storyline for you.

Its simple, its effective.


Setting up the skins is a bit of a pain in the ass I agree. Your choice.

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  • 1 month later...



Right now I'm working on packing all chapters together and releasing EoaE as a single archive MP on the site (simplicity reasons)

First I'm going to fix some bugs I noticed from previous chapters.


You can play them right away or wait till I finish the packing (I recommend waiting for it)


Feel free to bash me, trash me, love it, hate it.

Feedback, thoughts, and all that is always welcome.

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I'm wondering, how are you planning on adding Vic Vance?

Seeing as the story takes place in 2002 and Vic died in 1986 at the start of GTA Vice City.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm wondering, how are you planning on adding Vic Vance?

Seeing as the story takes place in 2002 and Vic died in 1986 at the start of GTA Vice City.


I'm a little late with answer. Sorry for it.


I had to bend up the story a bit. It would be little stupid to have every protagonist in the MP except Vic.


In Vice City we see Vic get shot. (ofc. Rockstar confirmed Vic died. This is where I changed a little fact. In this version he survived.)

But what if he didn't die there, but got wounded and saw a chance to escape Vice City. (Vic wasn't really into crime, he did it because it was opportunity he had.)

He had a opportunity to leave everything behind and go into exile, he did (In my story.)

Years passed, he tried to live a normal life and found it unfulfilling, eventually getting back into crime.

Lances' death still haunts Vic. They were always on love & hate relation with each other. (As portrayed in VCS). Whatever happened between them, Vic always loved his brother, and he won't forget his 'murder'.

Vic didn't chase Tommy around in between '86 - '02. But as it happens they are both in the same place now and 'old wounds reopen'.

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Just finished Chapter 1 and I must say I'm impressed. (I was too lazy to use spoiler tags, sorry)

The gameplay was quite fun in each mission. The mission 'Hunted' was well-made. I must say it is one of the most gut-wrenching, well-executed missions I've ever played. Kudos for the effort. Loved how the story kept building up in each mission. I'd like to think of the mission no rest for the wicked like a capitalization on all of the built-up pieces that add up to a puzzle. It’s not yet complete, but we’re getting there. Damn! You didn't bore the player with too much cutscenes and dialogues. They were in the right proportions and contributed well to the development for the story. I nearly jumped when Claude popped outta nowhere and shot Jules. That cutscene which happened prior to Jule's death kept me guessing but I didn't realize that someone was hiding in the kitchen. The chase which followed that was brilliant and tough. I lost him two, three times but managed to beat it after a few trys.

There's nothing much to complain about Chapter 1. However, I'd like to point out something which pissed me off about your missions. You successfully managed to grab me by my throat with the Hunted mission and I was like damn! there's gonna be more fun stuff like this ahead. But unfortunately, the follow-up mission - Asset in the city- was a bit turn-off . I mean, there wasn't really much of a gameplay except the 'drive there and see him' element. Some gameplay other than that would have been nice. But if you think that might be irrelevant to the mission, then that's ok. And, the same happened with the Key to the City mission.

Anyway, I haven't played chapter 2 yet. Will play it when I get time.

Edited by Shiva.
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Thanks dude, This means a lot to me.

See, I'm a type of guy that makes story of MP first then makes missions following the story. (Hence sometimes can be little boring)

Overall I think First chapter is the weakest here. It was all pretty fresh and I was still figuring out what I'm doing.

Can't wait for your full thoughts after finishing the whole thing. Story just keeps building unpredictably. There are some cool missions, there are some elements reused here and there, Changing some stuff ment changing the story, which I didn't want to do.


For me Chapter 3 was the best one I ever made. Wait till you see that.

Hint: Mayor reveal about Claude...


There are 46 missions here. You only played 12.


Looking forward to reading your opinions again

Edited by Aflien
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I had free time to play some DYOM mission packs and I chose this one and I just finished Chapter 1.
This mission pack needs more attention seriously. If you are a GTA 3D era fan you have to play this mp.

Good job Aflien for the first chapter I hope and the other chapters would be great. The best part for me

was when Claude killed Jules and he ran away. Anyway I will give a feedback again when I finish the

second chapter. Great job! :^:

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This mission pack needs more attention seriously.

I agree. Aflien, dude, you happened to be in DYOM at the wrong time, my friend. Seriously, you deserve more than what you're getting for your MP.


And I just got back from playing Chapter 2. I noticed the improvements you've made in in Chapter 2 which lacked in Chapter 1. The missions were quite long and not just limited to 'drive here, there' stuff. However, chapter 2 started a bit dull but it managed to pick up pace once Chad made it to the desert. Loved the part when he and Jose dealt with the mexicans who were hiding in the back of the truck. The third-person cutscene at the end of the mission Old Friend when Chad gets knocked out was really creative. It was like watching a movie. I did find it foolish on Chad's part to confront Vic like that. And I have a question regarding the mission ​Behind enemy lines. Enlighten me if I've missed something but how did Vic know that Chad and Vito were Tommy's men? It did not sit with me. Care to explain? I mean, Vic could have lot of enemies, how did he exactly find out that they were Tommy's men? Did Vito confess about it before Vic beats up Chad? Apart from that, the stealth which followed up after the cutscene was well-made and also quite tough. I managed to beat it only after a few trys. I don't have much to comment about the rest of the missions. I had to be real careful in the mission Hell Broken loose.. Vito killed me with the RPG when I ran into close combatss with the Mexicans. It wasn't really a good idea to let him handle that, as Chad said. Now as for the Dam the river mission, you could have added a dynamite object in the place where Chad places the bomb as it seemed a tad odd to see the spot empty after Chad implements a bomb there. I didn't see Vito's death coming. You really seemed to have derived a lot of inspirations from movies.. it shows in your cut-scenes. I laughed when the ceilings collapsed, assuming it fell on Vic but turns out I was wrong :D


In the future, I'd like to see you make a non-GTA styled missions as you seem to have the potential to create a pretty decent MP which might seem less-ordinary. Anyway, I'll be back with more feedbacks when I finish up the whole MP.

Edited by Shiva.
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Wow, thanks so much for this. It truly means a lot.

Appreciate the opinion.

Vercetti Inc. and Victors mexican mercenaries are big gang with its own hierarchy which I haven't explored out in the MP itself. (I'm not sure if it would be good idea explaining the structure. From associates-soliders-leaders-underbosses and so on) They all have informants, snitches here and there. From time to time they give good info to their Leaders, sometimes they don't. Vic's attack on the truck wasn't random. Since hearing the news of war happening in Venturas between Leones and Vercetti he saw a chance of getting his revenge.(rather bit illogical revenge on Tommy)(Hes rather calm calculating guy, but his grief for his brother is blinding him from time to time)).

Vic had hoped to lure Tommy himself (Considering his rampaging personality)((He calmed down a bit during these years)). It didn't happen. I can't remember right now if Vic knew exaclly who he lured in a trap. But after holding them both hostage for a while, his inside men confirmed their names. (Chad & John are kinda like famous in the Vercetti gang considering their relationship with Tommy.) Afterwards triads and Mexicans ally. I originally planned a mission that explores their meeting and reasons for the alliance. At that time I didn't really know much details on the end game, MP was planned to be even longer than it did, so after drafting the Chapter down for couple of times Triad & Mexican alliance meeting got accidently dropped out.


Chad getting caught was his big mistake, he didn't follow the orders. I believe he was just to follow the mexicans and report back their location or any other info uncovered, but Vic played it smart. He showed himself openly and had his men hidden.

Seeing Vic there almost all alone Chad rushed in hoping to end the desert campain and get back in Venturas ASAP. And you know how that ended up.

Maybe I should have killed off Vito and Chad there and continue with John as a protagonist. It wouldn't be fun tho. John is fully loyal, and Chad has his own goals.


As for the dynamite, Back there I didn't even know there was a non exploding tnt object. (I didn't do much DYOM exploring. hah.)


All in all, its far from perfect, no one really can make a perfect MP, but I believe its a damn good one and worthy of being played.

Looking forward to more reviews.

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I have to ask. Did you use cheats like "Infinite Health" or "Invisible Car" when you tested the missions yourself? Because these mission seem extremely hard to complete without them.


I played the first mission and I have never failed a lot like this on any normal circumstance. I concluded that it was my bad driving and that I had underestimated the traffic of SA. So, I finally played the mission patiently and succeeded.

But then, the bar fight in the second mission . We are right in the middle of the enemies and all of them possess pistols. My partner is hilariously low in health and so am I. I understand the realism but this is a ridiculous amount of sh*t I have to deal with. I keep getting knocked even before I could take some sort of cover.


Maybe, again, I suck and no one else had issues. Perhaps, there was some easy way to do things, like with help of some armour.


I don't plan on using a Trainer or cheats; I want to complete this MP without foul play. This looks really promising and I don't want to miss playing this. So please help me out.


I will try doing this mission again see if things work out somehow.

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Feel free to cheat when you find it too hard. Main focus of this MP is the story, not its gameplay.


I tested every mission without cheats and managed to pass it. (ofc. when testing for bugs I do use all kinds of cheats to avoid dying. Believe me I played every mission about 5-10 times during the debugging period and got sick of playing it, lol)


I understand it can be bit hard sometimes and sometimes super easy. (I failed on setting difficulty right. Sorry. I'm playing this game for good 10years now so I guess its easier for me to play it.)


Simple BAGUVIX should be enough I think

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I finished the mission all thanks to your Health Pickup. Well if the later missions turn out as challenging as this, then this might just be addicting.


So far, I am liking the premise. I hope you kept certain character traits for our older protagonists in future missions. ;)

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I tried to make it as believable as possible. Thanks for feedback man

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Bumping a project after a year just because it received insignificant feedback is still bumping an old topic man..

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I have no idea how to install this dyom. I downloaded everything and i actually don t know what to do.
Please help me!

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Bumping the old topic to help isn't a good idea, but did you installed CLEO before copy pasting DYOM to GTA San Andreas User Files?

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