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Who is the woman in the picture?


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I saw her for many times. But I don't know who she is. I think she is a character from one Rockstar's game. It seems like Red Dead Redemption ?


Edited by Bluesh
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Post the picture, or detailed location.

[Edit] It has been so long since I looked at the murals I forgot all about the that.

I do not believe it is anybody, just a neighbourhood mural. Graffiti.


Next someone will be asking what kind of Flora are in the different areas of San Andreas

Edited by lil weasel
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Reminds me of one of Helena's hidden models.

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Reminds me of one of Helena's hidden models.


Now that you mention it, she does resemble one of Helena's hidden models. Perhaps a (much better) beta version?





Edited by BlackSnow176
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  • 5 years later...

Now 2021 and I cant found it by any type of google search or on any building in Los Angeles using Google Street View

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Very interesting topic.


Let's take a good look. She has a dark skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, looks like Hispanic. Helena, however, has a light skin, short brown hair and clearly isn't Hispanic. Apart from the fact that they both like guns, they don't share any resemblance.





Now take a look at this artwork and compare:




They both look very similar, right? Both of them have a dark skin, same body type, brown eyes and look like Hispanic. The only difference is that one has a black hair, the other has brown. But it's not a big issue because hair could always be dyed.


Could they really be the same person? Well, in order to answer it, take a look at this artwork.




Probably all of you remember this artwork. She's an actual character, just doesn't appear in the game and never gets mentioned in it. Her name's Rochell'le. She's a famous hip hop artist and Madd Dogg's ex-girlfriend. Now, back to the main topic.


As you see, it's common for Rockstar to create characters who never make their appearance in the actual game. One of them is Rochell'le. I believe that the same issue might be with the Hispanic girl. Let's take a look at the fact that her artworks are in many places (mostly bars) all around San Andreas (though mostly in Los Santos). This might indicate that she's a famous singer or actor. Since she likes guns, wears a red bandana bra, it might indicate that she is or was at some point in her life a gang member, or at least "a girl from the hood" and is a Chicano / Gangsta rap artist. Or since she appears in such erotic photos, she could be an adult movie star like Candy Suxxx.


That's what I think of it.

Edited by Pofkis
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