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3D era exterminator

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Was humming some riff in head and vomited this weirdness out :lol:



My rap rolls down into blue hell
I´m on a mission don´t care if this s*it won´t sell

You ready for a knuckle duster duel?
Or run stiff like scarecrow into covers of Colombian cartel?

Little noobs always rampage in groups
You get a backhand beat and twisted into human loops

Does not matter, what color or symbol you choose
I clean the streets from biker boys, scum gangs and criminal crews

I´m a five star runner with a dozen of tools
To blast you into pixels when You appear with army and Noose

Yes you may now remember my name
I´m the wiseguy after that deaf dumb from the first game

Anyway why was he so damned gritty?
Didn´t he get on a date with that prostitute pretty?

Or was it because silence is golden
in the city of multicorporate criminal activity?

Fate shoveled sh*t on my face too
I stole a python, chainsaw and hopped in a Voodoo

Drove couple blocks to north Ocean docks
That´s how I made my way to first piles of serious bucks

And finished in flashing style in Mansion
For a fuc*ing sake of pricedown shirt expansion!

I´m an epic 3D era exterminator
Not a bloody goof fencing with a violet vibrator

Carl is only a tiny street gang boss
Robbing movables round the shady street of Los Santos

Dreaming to run the state of San Andreas
With a brainless crackhead more stupid than blind ass

My name is Vercetti and I am greater
I deal your bling and bong and feed you to my alligator

If You kill me I evoke in local hospital
I´m a phantom protag carrying flamethrower infernal

Damn have to end this weird rhyme and flee
Someone called me for a donut and a cup of hot coffee...

Edited by Graven

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