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Writing a batch file to amend .ini

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OK so I need to write a batch file to carry out some commands on a remote computer and not sure the best way to do it. I need to edit an ini file on one line but leave the other 13 lines intact with no changes.


I need to edit line 2



and leave the rest of the text



Is anyone able to help me please :)

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The simplest way would reading the whole file, comparing lines and writing a new file, then cleaning up.


Something like




@echo offfor /F "tokens=*" %%L in (file.ini) do (if /I "%%L" == "SCHEME=3|10|0|0|" (echo Your line >> file2.ini ) else (echo %%L >> file2.ini ))del file.iniren file2.ini file.iniecho Donepause



If you're planning on creating more complex scripts I'd advise using PowerShell (or maybe vbScript) for their general simplicity, being build around .Net, and easy access to object models like WMI or COM

Edited by dice

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Are you executing the batch/process from the remote machine? I sure hope so.



Dice has the same recommendation I would have...If it is win based.


If we are doing unix the approache is the same except you will be doing it in bash, korn, or perl.

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