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[MP] The Ultimate San Andreas WAR

[MP] The Ultimate San Andreas WAR  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. What should I do

    • Release the MP in parts.
    • Or complete the MP and release it once

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21 October, 2016. A secret spy from the San Fierro army entered the Las Venturas as terrorist. He went to the area of the Redsands East with evil plans. He blasted a bomb there causing chaos. 23 October, 2016, the Captain Wolf, Richards from Las Venturas army informs the General that the San Fierro army is trying to take over the whole State of San Andreas. And San Fierro has already taken over Los Santos. The General seals the city and prepares his army for the War.





Sergeant Kevin Simpson:




The soldier from the Las Venturas and the protagonist of the story. The brave soldier who becomes a scout and goes to San Fierro.

Captain Wolf Richards:




The Captain of the Las Venturas army. The commander of the Sergeant Kevin. He guides him on his mission in San Fierro,

General Sam Rogers:




The General of the Las Venturas army.


Lt. Henry:




Another playable character. He is very brave when it comes to war and fighting for his country and people. He becomes Kevin's best partner when he finds him.

Captain John Steven:




The commander of the San Fierro army. The main enemy in the story.




Download Link: Coming Soon...

Introduction Mission Link: Click Here




14-3-2016: Topic Updated

20-3-2016: Another character added.

Edited by ALiQ

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I am sorry. I have been busy with my exams thats why I couldn't complete this MP. But during this time, I have thought even more ideas about this MP. I will continue my work on it and will release it soon. Stay tuned...

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