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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

Missing hidden package and 2 bugged rampages Gta VC/android


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I'm trying to make 100% cempletion in gta Vice City. When I was looking after hidden package at malibu hotel parking i saw that there is nothing at this place.

I'm 1000% sure that i was at the right place. I checked it in new game and the hidden package was spawned. Also while playing 2 rampages my phone has turned off because of low battery level. Now I can't complete this rampages because they don't exist in game.

Statistics says-rampages completed______33/35. How can I reset the hidden package and 2 rampages? I'm not going to reset the save. It took me too much time to end the main story and do such many side missions.

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Lethal Vaccine

I heard about this happening for Android and iOS. The only thing I can suggest would be starting over, tbh, and this time, doing them all at the beginning. If you wait too long, the Icons disappear I was told and apparently from what you are saying, it's true.


You don't HAVE to do a Starter Save, but by doing one, it saves the headache of when things like this happens. You can reach 44% in VC before An Old Friend, actually. This include ALL possible Side Missions which are AVAILABLE before the first Story Mission (An Old Friend). It also includes 35/35 Rampages, 35/36 Stunt Jumps (Can't get the G-Spotlight Stunt Jump Until the Film Studio Mission), and 100/100 Hidden Packages.


If you do all of this and get it out of the way at the beginning, you have nothing to worry about, with these glitches making Rampages and Hidden Packages disappear...

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Lethal Vaccine

Game Killer? I don't follow. What do you mean?


Any outside source could make the Save corrupt and even more messed up...

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Wait i found the missing package. I have no idea why i missed it. I got them all. But rampages still doesn't spawn. I have no idea what does game killer do. I only heard that this could reset the rampages.

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I dunno because my phone just died. I've colected all the rampages i was able to run and still didn't made the ones when my phone got discharged. I still have the weapons with infinite amo which i had to use after my phone has turned off.



Polish version to avoid any language problems

Nie wiem. Kiedy przechodzi┼éem to telefon si─Ö wyczyczerpa┼é. Wygl─ůda na to ┼╝e nie zaliczy┼éo mi tych misji. Za to zosta┼éy mi bronie z niesko┼äczon─ů amunicj─ů.

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Go to http://gtasnp.com


Select Use clasdic upload form:



Select Choose file:



Locate the save file:



Click Upload:



Then copy the url and post it here

Edited by Fooking Rekt
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Will look at it now


Sorry forgot to edit the post, the stuff you mentioned above has vanished indeed..m

Edited by Fooking Rekt
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