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Tips For Finding Players

Mister Pink

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So you want to play with reliable, good GTA Online players but it's hard to find the right people. Well, you've come to the right place.


The aim of this simple and basic topic is to encourage better posts when people are looking for other members to play with. Below are some simple things to consider when posting for online friends. I will expand it and I'll add any suggestions that I believe are pertinent and useful. This maybe a little Heist-centric but I'm sure some of it applies to other facets of GTA Online. It's mostly common knowledge but I've noticed quite a few people leaving out things that might be more helpful in finding similarly minded players.


Tips for recruiting.


1. Platform


Please state the platform you are playing on! PC/Xbox/Playstation. I see a lot of topics with people not mentioning platform!


2. Rank


It's always useful if a recruiter or anyone is looking to snag you for Online play to know your rank. A lot of higher ranking players wont play with low-ranking players. This doesn't mean it's the end for you. You can always try search to find similar ranking players that are dedicated. Yes, you might try and fail but finding the right people that are willing to try and try again you'll be levelling up in no-time. Also, players might be experienced but are using a second character that is low-level. It's worth asking or stating that it's your 2nd character that you want to level-up.


3. Mic


As you know, communication is key to completing successful missions and heists. You will have more chance of meeting good players if they can communicate with you. There's nothing more frustrating than 3 clued-up people watching the fourth person dilly-dallying around the place not knowing their role. A simple word over the mic can speed things up, save time and lots of frustration. If you don't have a mic, that's fine, some people (mostly more experienced or familiar) are happy to play silently, so long as you all know what you are doing.


4. Timezone/Availability


It's worth mentioning the time-zone you are in. You don't want to be sitting down to a monster gaming-session only to find out that zzZI KILL NOOBZZZZzz is just about to go to bed because you didn't realise there's a 10 hour time difference. However, some times it can be advantageous, when you consider, peoples work schedules etc. Also, your availability; Can you play evenings and weekends? Any days you can't play?


5. Age


You don't have to divulge your exact age but it's worth giving other players the age-bracket. I've meet some young, mature players that are great to play with and I've meet some really adult babies. People are different. Your age isn't the be-all and end-all but it might be an indicator. If you are under 18, you might not be able to complete that heist on a school night and it lets others know. My suggestion is to give general age brackets like (25-35) and so forth.


6. Skills/Gamer Personality


I'm a general all-rounder and my strongest point is probably driving. It's nice to give some background about your skillset. Are you a leader? Can you take direction and not be butthurt? Are you a fair player that gives fair cuts of the heists? Are you a clean player? Can I trust you aren't going to be playing crap down the mic when I'm trying to play? Are you dedicated and are not going to quit because of a couple of failed attempts?


7. Motives


Are you playing for fun, to rank-up or earn cash? This isn't the most important but it gives us an idea of what you want to achieve. Maybe we are like-minded?


8. Grammar*


Not the most important, hence it being my last point. It's mostly like a footnote.


What does grammar have to do with finding other players? Short answer? Everything! Whether you like it or not, alarm bells go off if you are "dat guy lookin 4 m8s 2 do heists" because unfortunately, meeting people online isn't the same as in real life, so we have less things to measure people's character and starting with how one writes might be a slight indicator of what the person is like. I'm not saying that all people that write like that are dicks, far from it, it's just that if you make a visible effort, people will see you are more serious and are less inclined to be put off by your text speak from 1998. Also, writing in all caps isn't generally appreciated by the gaming community or in general. It's might make you stand out but for all the wrong reasons.


I hope this helps bringing some of you closer to more like-minded people. I'm open to suggestions and will try expand on this. I'm not saying that everything is true or 100% this or that way.. It's just my experience when looking for other players.


Useful Links:


Perfect Heist Members Sign Up


Criminal Mastermind Recruitment Hub

Edited by Mister Pink
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Some of these things are common sense, but it's still useful nonetheless. And yeah I find people with grammar like that are normally really immature and/or annoying.

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True, yes, but I'm still seeing topics where people forget to write which platform. :D

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Great topic.


(If anyone wants to play more, free aim lobbies, on ps4 with someone that likes a mix of modes, add me: ajbns87)

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i used to play on ps3 but now that i made the transfer to xbox one i like to leave this here :p


GT: vnuz


- Xbox One

- 197

- Yes (if needed)

- CET / GMT+1
- I can play evenings /weekends in said timezone.

- 27

6.Skills/Gamer Personality
- Racing (no catchup & no slipstream)
- More of a follower then a leader i can take good directions.
- A supporter of fair play

- Playing for fun but the cash is a nice extra :)

- My english writing might not be perfect but i try to keep it as good as possible.
- an occasional lol or wtf


Might add that i'm looking for racing opponents mostly.

Edited by paddoloco
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Thanks for the feedback

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