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Conan Exiles

Archer V.3

Recommended Posts

Funcom, the same developers of the Age of Conan MMO title have revealed a new Conan game today that seems to be at the polar extreme from their last Conan game, which was an RPG. This new Conan game is set in a massive wasteland full of thousands of other exiled people who were sent to the wasteland to fend for themselves. For all you fans of the Age of Conan game that was strongly reliant on aspects of the RPG genre, you may be a little let down with this new Conan title. The reason simply being that Conan Exiles will not exactly have RPG or MMO elements, and will be leaning more heavily towards a multiplayer, open world survival game in which brutal combat, along with growing crops and hunting food are the main aspects. Funcom said that there will also be some form of single-player, however, Conan Exiles will be more multiplayer focused, allowing you to work with others or fight against them in public or private servers.

In this vast and extremely harsh environment, players will be able to gather resources that they can use to build tools and weapons, along with shelters to serve as partial protection from the dangerous land and fierce enemies. If you decide to band together with other players, you’ll have the ability to build even stronger shelters such as settlements, giving you and your allies an upper hand in the midst of battle with others. When you’ve made your character tough enough, or feel that you have the necessary skills, you can explore the extensive wasteland and savagely battle your enemies in an attempt to control the exiled land. How combat mechanics will come into play in terms of how you can exactly slay your enemies is yet to be revealed. Although, on the Conan Exiles website it says, “unleash your fury in savage, fast-paced combat and execute bloody and bone-crushing attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying.” So we can assume that the combat tactics will be pretty vicious.




An exact date for release of Conan Exiles has not been announced, but Early Access for the game will begin sometime in the summer of this year. Also, on the Conan Exiles website it does say that “full launch on PC and console to follow,” but no specific consoles or dates were included. Until more is revealed on this game you can check out the announcement trailer above, as well as a couple pre-alpha screenshots in the spoiler below.

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  • 2 years later...



It's been a long while since the game has hit early access and is about to hit release status.


Picked it up for some play again last night, and the game has grown quite a bit. Combat is a bit clunky, but the graphics are great, and the crafting is feeling better and better. I was thinking of setting up a dedicated server for this if I can get enough decent people interested. Mostly for the PvE side of things, cause I don't care for PvP.


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Oh sweet. I remember having a bit of fun with AoC despite it not getting a great reception and not playing much. The survival theme has become a bit of a derivative staple for open world games so I hope it doesn't affect enjoyment excessively but enhance it.


I'll be keeping my eye on it.

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Oh man Age of Conan! That game was quite a bit of fun. Enjoyed the combat immensely in that.


This will have a couple more features and areas once it hits release, which will be great. In my current playthrough, I've just begun settling down a space near the spiderlands, with some coal and iron rocks nearby. The spiders give me a steady supply of gossamer, to make silk with, it's very useful. Stream nearby as well to serve as my water source. Just begun crafting some iron stuff too, things are about to open up more.


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I've been interested in this title since it came out but have been putting off picking it up looked good but I thought I would save it for the future. Gotta save cash for now but would be interested if you setup a server soon tchuck.



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Commander S

Got it a while back, got into the swing of solo PvE, then ...hit a massive wall when I realised I couldn't level up fast enough AND keep on top of materials for upkeep of all my existing stuff AND spend several evenings mining stone and coal to make better structures to make better gear.

Then I read a bit on the official site about how players who wanted to get creative with buildings and whatnot should feel free to turn on admin tools, disable all the survival stuff, spawn in anything and everything they need, and just go for it - so that's exactly what I did. And it's probably more fun for me as a chilled-out exploration game and construction set. :pp

I'd been holding out for the recent patches to get back into it, and the game's a lot better for them - there's a bunch of ease-of-use/quality-of-life improvements, some welcome fixes for some older bugs, and even a revamp of character models, which is unexpected! Combat is a lot more workable, and I love how they've added things like baby animals around nests and the like - it's cool to see couple of hyenas chowing down on an antelope, and then spot a cub in tow behind them. :)

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I've been interested in this title since it came out but have been putting off picking it up looked good but I thought I would save it for the future. Gotta save cash for now but would be interested if you setup a server soon tchuck.


You should definitely buy it before launch if you intend on playing it, as it'll go up in price upon release I believe.


I'm looking to setup the server early next month! Been looking into mods as well, to see what else would be fun to add. Could make for a pretty sweet Coop PvE experience.


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Ok sweet will bear that in mind hopefully have a bit of spare cash floating about so I can dive in. Is the more expensive pack worth it or is it missable?



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I thought it Might have been thanks for the heads up :)



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  • 11 months later...

Enjoying this game a lot. I like it better than Ark. Devs seem willing and competent enough to fix issues and implement new content that is fun without breaking the game. *cough* Ark


Recorded a raid and edited it way down so it's only about 30 mins.




Edited by Setzaroth
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