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wStories from San Andreas Part 1


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Hello guys and welcome to the main page of my new story, Stories from San Andreas. Hope you enjoy playing it. I worked a lot for it and if you see any mistakes please tell me. So here it is.



Stories from San Andreas




The streets of the Los Santos are ruled by gangs. Gang Wars can be seen on daily bases. The most Popular gangs are Grove Street Families, Rollin` Heights Ballas and Los Santos Vagos. Ganton is the Grove Street territory and their main place. David, the protagonist of the story, is 18 year-old boy who lives in Ganton. He became part in GSF gang. David however, don`t like this gang stuff. He has a friend, Mark, who is also involved in gang work. Mark is a drug dealer but he is warned by Sweet multiple times. Now he is forbidden to do drug dealing. But Mark never listens Sweet and he always continues the bad work. David however is not like him. David is a loyal person. And he never betrays his gang. But still because of misunderstanding, he gets kicked from the gang. Now he makes his way throughout the city. This story happens 2 years before Carl returned from Liberty City.




David Jakus:KfGc2St.jpg


The protagonist of the story. 18 year-old boy who lives in Grove Street and get involved in gang activity. He makes his way throughout the state of San Andreas after getting kicked from the gang.




David`s friend who got involved in gang activity long time before David does. He used to drug deal but got warned by Sweet and he also got kicked from the gang with David.




One of the enemies. He saw Mark doing the drug deal and blackmails him that he will tell it to the cops. In reality, he is one of the Ballas. He got killed in the gunfight with David and Mark.


Download Link:

Click Here


Required Mods:

No mods required...

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Wow! You've got a new insane Mission-Pack, looking forward for this, bro. Goodluck ;)

Thanks a lot...

I will try to complete it as soon as possible.

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Good luck! I should play this... :)

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Guys its completed. And it is uploaded. Please give your feedbacks. I am not a pro mission maker so if you see any mistakes, please tell me. I will improve them in my next mission pack.

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