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Gracie Ancelotti

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She's a funny annoying character, I remember the first time I played I'll take her, she managed to make my car flip over two times. It's always a relief when Niko finally decides to punch her, same goes for Luis.


Also I find it funny that she looks exactly like Marnie, the exact opposite of her personality.

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Honestly I feel like she doesn't deserve most of the sh*t she gets.


Like, in terms of her trying to fight Niko when he kidnapped her, yeah that's inconvenient to us as players, but how many of you can look me in the eyes and honestly say you wouldn't do the same thing if you got kidnapped?


And I think she also played a part in getting Tony on drugs, but there's a distinct difference between her and Evan and even just the short exchange where Evan says "[Tony] holds everyone back" and Gracie immediately replying "No he doesn't!" in that really upset tone of voice, is enough to show that. But if you want me to go further with that, Evan is a gold-digging asshole who even admits that he's encouraging Tony's drug use to make him "more fun" and sh*t like that. And hearing Gracie talk to Tony, everything I've heard, while often crude, was nice and she's chill and sweet with Tony (and even with Luis even though he doesn't really like her) until she gets kidnapped. She cares about Tony and I feel like the most likely reason that she influenced his drug use is simply that she wanted more of her friends to share her blow with or something. Like... as innocent as doing coke with somebody could get. I can't see her having malicious intent considering what canon shows of her and Tony.


Going off that last bit, the only thing that really upset me that much about her is all that stuff she says after you save her in Ladies Half Price. However, she was just kidnapped for ransom and trapped in a nasty safehouse for.... how long was it actually? I don't usually pay attention to the in-game time. And then she's moved to another safehouse by being shoved in the damn trunk, and then after however long is brought, via trunk again I think, to where she's finally freed. And this entire time ever since the first safehouse she's had a gag in her mouth and her arms tied.


So... although her berating Tony and Luis immediately after she's rescued upset me at first, it is pretty unfair to expect somebody to have a clear head after going through something like that.


Plus, I can easily imagine that, considering she's been nice with Tony and Luis before, once she calmed down enough from this whole ordeal she probably regretted what she said. Only a monster would have zero regrets with snapping at a good friend, and she certainly ain't no monster even though she often gets painted that way.


I can kind of picture her apologizing to Tony and he'd probably forgive her real easily considering he loves her almost like a daughter, plus he was high af for most of the time they were escaping so he probably didn't hear or remember most of the sh*t she said. So she apologizes and he's basically like "Sweetheart I don't even remember anything you said, don't worry about it".


I doubt Luis would be very forgiving though, but he didn't really like her much in the first place so that's to be expected really.


I love her and I don't get why a lot of fans hate her so aggressively, because she's hardly bad. The way I see some people talk about her in Youtube comments and stuff is like, good lord.

Edited by MonarchBoo
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chronic lumbago

I didn't realize people actually hated her. Sure, she's a rich daddy celebrity annoying coke whore but she fits perfectly into the game. You might hate her as a person, but you're pretty much suppossed to. Certainly not a poorly written character.


I don't know why I'm saying this, every character in IV is well written, even if it's just a short appearance.

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She was a good character, I enjoyed all her dialogue. For a mob daughter she is an alright person and cares about Tony.

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As much of a bitch she revealed herself to be...I dunno, she sounds like a fun and chill one to be around judging from the conversation in the car during the mission where you had to drop her off at her home. She also seem like one of those FWB types...

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Femme Fatale

if TBOGT is the worst in the IV era i dunno what that says for 5..............god help us

It's the worst in the HD era.
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I don't really have an opinion on her.

But I do love when Niko throws out her phone, Packie's "discussion" with her in the car, and Luis hits her.









She's a bitch.

I would, just saying


As annoying as she is, I would too.


SameAll day bro
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