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mission and heists discussion index

Recommended Posts


NOTICE: The GTA Staff has decided that individual threads for each mission overwhelms the jobs and activities forum, and a currently working to combine these threads into more generalized threads. Most of the links to these threads are now invalid. This will be updated once the situation is sorted out.

This is an index to perma-threads discussing the GTA Online Missions and Heists. It will be updated as new threads are added.

Feel free to discuss your favorite methods and techniques for playing these missions, and disseminate any information about how the missions might change between updates. There is not necessarily one way to play a mission or heist, these are open discussions about the many ways you can play them.

Heists (see also PSgtaplayer1's Heist Walkthrough and Rewards, NeoLedah's Criminal Mastermind:in-depth guide)

see also: mrmarcd's Job Reward Database: RP & Cash

Contact Missions

Lowrider Update: New Lamar Missions

Non Contact Missions (from Mission triggers on the map) see also: tails_prower_2040's Non Contact Mission Guide

  • Coasting
  • Close Action
  • Coveted (Martin)
  • Crystal Clear Out II
  • Crystal Clear Out III
  • Dirt Road (Trevor)
  • Factory Closure
  • Potshot (Trevor)
  • Truck Together

Adversary Mode Missions

Versus Missions

  • Acquire Targets I-III
  • Air Force Zero I-V
  • Airport Parking
  • Crooked Cop
  • Escape From LS
  • G-Rating I-V
  • Hippie Hunting
  • Into the Wild
  • Island Getaway
  • Roadgame
  • Top Fun I-III
  • Truck Off
  • Underhand Contraband
  • Weed Killer
  • Welcoming Party


Golfing discussion

Edited by darkgreenmeme

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Is this still updated?

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Tails Prower

Just helping out admin here but I don't believe this is going to receive any future updates following disagreement on these particular topics

but I shall say no more on the subject as I do not wish to cause any issues for the forum or the admin staff/member concerned.

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MC Club Contracts - Jailbreak and Torched

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MC Club Contracts - Jailbreak and Torched

You've done it again. Stop answering dead posts...that was asked in Dec 2016 ffs.

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Currently working on Buzzard in heists.



I have recently tried out a glitch that i seen on YouTube, where we can store a helicopter inside our MOC.


And it worked (test photo, with Frogger)



I went into a heist with randoms, I requested the buzzard from MOC........ But when we come outside the Bank. It vanished. /


I'm guessing that I should of requested it,,, at the bikes.

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This is a real shame that this still is unfinished, I'm seeing ALOT of new players in missions & at this point there's alot of clever tips & tricks said individuals could use.

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Here's a very basic guide for at least two of Martin's missions (Check Out Time, Editor & Thief ...there might be a third one I'm forgetting) that I discovered through way too many mission playthroughs. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's the quickest and easiest way to lose two-star cops in my opinion and get to his house without driving all around the curvy hill roads. If you're bored and/or enjoy mission playthroughs you can try it out. If you take your time on missions for max payout, this probably isn't very helpful.




Temporarily lose the cops before "Start". Then follow the white line and pull up to the hill above the Cemetary. The cops usually drive North to South down the road east of the hill (Tongva Drive) but there should be easily enough time to pull up to the hill. At that point if the cops are searching for you they may pull their cars over and start walking up the hill but it takes them forever. Stay in your vehicle near the (wait) spot and if you need to you can drive back a little. Once they give up the search, just follow the white line and take Richman Street. The auto drive area should redirect but there's a shortcut. Near the Jump (reverse) spot is one of the games Stunt Jumps. You can drive up this hill in reverse, just don't go fast too fast or you can fly over the hill and land in a fenced off mansion's backyard and you'll probably be walking. At the top of the hill is the little dirt path going toward the Stunt Jump. Driving north for a second will connect you to a paved road and then you can follow that to Martin's and be there in no time. (Once you get onto the paved road off the dirt (Jump) path, you'll probably see only 2-3 cars, usually driving in the opposite direction. Which is nice since 

A few notes. The wait spot is one of the safest spots around the city in my opinion for two stars (no helicopters). I'll regularly park there on Martin's missions and open my phone and deposit money from previous missions while waiting for the cops to lose interest. You can also use it for robbing stores I guess but you probably have a house with a garage nearby.


Everyone I've played with tend to drive to Martin's from the other direction which is more time consuming. There is another shortcut (or two) heading to Martin's from east to west. The one I'm mainly familiar with is where you jump over a "secret" jump (non-Stunt Jump) by some houses that I was introduced too but it's tricky to land correctly and even with that shortcut it's still a lot of driving up and down the curvy roads on the hills and more traffic.


Finally, I have quite a few more basic strategies if there's interest, I can post them here. They really fall into two basic methods though (hiding in the "Secret" underpass tunnel to lose three stars which everyone probably knows, and then robbing convenience stores on missions where the cops are turned off.) All of these are doable with one player.

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Guys i'm looking for suggestions of Contact Missions that involve a good amount of "driving" around the map. I'm usually grinding Import/Export and AfterHours selling as my main income...but in between the wait times i'd like to do some contact missions where i can drive around the map in some of my custom cars that i spent so much money on.


Any suggestions of missions like that? I don't care if they don't pay that well or take a long time...i just want to be able to use them as fillers from time to time. For example i currently do Blow Up and Judging the Jury as i can cruise around the map to perform a hit/collect a package and drive back.


Any other contact missions similar to these?

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I've been messing around with Contact Missions some more and noticed an oddity. On Deal Breaker, before or after you get the drugs for Gerald, you can walk into a gang turf, find a group of gang members and just pistol whip one and the others will run away. On my return to Gerald's, I did the same to Family members and they also fled. On most other missions, like open world, they'll be become hostile and shoot back. What's a bit funny is that on Deal Breaker they can drop pistols on death and I think shotguns as well, but won't shoot for whatever reason. They'll also drop $10-$34 on death. Obviously there's better ways to make money, but it's still an interesting thing to see.


Not sure if there's other missions like this. I tend to "rob" empty convenience stores on my way back to Gerald's on missions that turn off the wanted level and I've gotten in shootouts with Family and Ballas on several different missions when robbing the stores near them (Family is the small store across from the Car Wash, Ballas is the corner gas station near Family turf. They're unmarked on the map during missions but you can still walk in and shoot open the registers for $70 or $80-ish bucks a pop, and also use the ATM.)

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