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mission and heists discussion index

Recommended Posts


NOTICE: The GTA Staff has decided that individual threads for each mission overwhelms the jobs and activities forum, and a currently working to combine these threads into more generalized threads. Most of the links to these threads are now invalid. This will be updated once the situation is sorted out.

This is an index to perma-threads discussing the GTA Online Missions and Heists. It will be updated as new threads are added.

Feel free to discuss your favorite methods and techniques for playing these missions, and disseminate any information about how the missions might change between updates. There is not necessarily one way to play a mission or heist, these are open discussions about the many ways you can play them.

Heists (see also PSgtaplayer1's Heist Walkthrough and Rewards, NeoLedah's Criminal Mastermind:in-depth guide)

see also: mrmarcd's Job Reward Database: RP & Cash

Contact Missions

Lowrider Update: New Lamar Missions

Non Contact Missions (from Mission triggers on the map) see also: tails_prower_2040's Non Contact Mission Guide

  • Coasting
  • Close Action
  • Coveted (Martin)
  • Crystal Clear Out II
  • Crystal Clear Out III
  • Dirt Road (Trevor)
  • Factory Closure
  • Potshot (Trevor)
  • Truck Together

Adversary Mode Missions

Versus Missions

  • Acquire Targets I-III
  • Air Force Zero I-V
  • Airport Parking
  • Crooked Cop
  • Escape From LS
  • G-Rating I-V
  • Hippie Hunting
  • Into the Wild
  • Island Getaway
  • Roadgame
  • Top Fun I-III
  • Truck Off
  • Underhand Contraband
  • Weed Killer
  • Welcoming Party


Golfing discussion

Edited by darkgreenmeme

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Is this still updated?

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Tails Prower

Just helping out admin here but I don't believe this is going to receive any future updates following disagreement on these particular topics

but I shall say no more on the subject as I do not wish to cause any issues for the forum or the admin staff/member concerned.

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MC Club Contracts - Jailbreak and Torched

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MC Club Contracts - Jailbreak and Torched

You've done it again. Stop answering dead posts...that was asked in Dec 2016 ffs.

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Currently working on Buzzard in heists.



I have recently tried out a glitch that i seen on YouTube, where we can store a helicopter inside our MOC.


And it worked (test photo, with Frogger)



I went into a heist with randoms, I requested the buzzard from MOC........ But when we come outside the Bank. It vanished. /


I'm guessing that I should of requested it,,, at the bikes.

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