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Multiple Cities in Single Player DLC? (speculation)

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You are comparing the amount of work, money, and time goes into making multiply cities with the Online updates for the map already complete.

Everything Pedinhuh mentioned required Rockstar spending money. Obviously multiple cities will fall into that. That doesn't change the fact that with the amount of money spent to make Online updates, money is spent. Just like money is earned. So, yes or no. Would a map expansion make Rockstar money? It's an easy question with an easy answer.


This. I totally agree. There's no reason for Rockstar to not release a SP DLC when there's actually much more demand for it. But a multiple cities DLC seems highly unlikely.

Under what circumstance? Under the circumstance that seven years ago, Rockstar didn't set EFLC in multiple cities? Even though seven years ago, something liek GTA V and Online wasn't a thing, and wasn't making them as much money as it is now.


Are you mistaking Online for GTA V? I don't think they said about expanding V, rather Online with updates. In fact, R* hasn't spoken a word about GTA V SP since release.

No. They said, and I quote, that "it is necessary to extend the life of 'Grand Theft Auto V' and Grand Theft Auto Online". Which is what I also said.

Edited by .Smaher.

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R* is not working on V

That's not what they implied about 2018's fiscal year.


Due to the continued success of Grand Theft Auto Online and other factors, the Company has determined that it is necessary to extend the life of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online for purposes of calculating deferrals.


SP DLC would make them profit millions on it, sure, but it would also be expensive by the reasons why I already listed.

I already explained this. With the they'd spend on making the DLC, they'd also earn 'millions' in return. Double, because this is Grand Theft Auto V. So, where is the problem in profiting millions?


Meanwhile, the model they currently have on Online gives them a inferior margin of profits than a DLC, but it's also WAY LESS EXPENSIVE AND TIME CONSUMING for them.

No one's implying that GTAOnline isn't "less expensive and time consuming". But money is money, and that's what they're spending they're hiring new voice actors, writing the story, adding new guns and clothing, and adding new missions. Did you think that Rockstar got most of the team that helped create StoryMode to help work on Online without paying a lot of money?


And like I said before, they the money and resources focused on RDR2, while a small part of it goes to Online and it's low-effort made DLCs(when compared to the size a SP DLC would be).

And like I said before, the SP DLC was started on in 2012, according to Fun. So, there's definitely two things wrong with this. One: RDR2's progress and the SP DLC's progress aren't even on the same level. RDR2 is basically done, apart from being delayed so that the game is actually fixed at launch. Two: Rockstar only said over a year ago that the team who worked on SP has been moved over to work on Online. RDR2 was announced, and had a trailer not too long after that. So, why would Rockstar say that most of their V focus team were on Online, even though RDR2 was in development then?


Because Rockstar San Diego are making RDR2. "All" of their money's not gonna go to RDR2 and Online alone. How small do you think their company is?


The have TWO past experiences, with their biggest and most profitable products, that turned out to not be satisfactory to them: IV's EFLC sold poorly, Undead Nightmare split the playerbase.

And what did Online do? Make them money. This is GTA V. Not EFLC or Undead Nightmare.

Edited by .Smaher.

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You're not going to see any of this.


You're most likely not going to see any kind of singleplayer DLC at all.



You can quote this post three years from now and contemplate about how right I was.

Edited by Cyper

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