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What is wrong with Taxi Driver Tip bar in PSP version?

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I was trying to complete taxi missions, before that, I watched some guides on PS2 version for Taxi Driver missions, they can reach the destination while tip bar is not even lost half of it, but when I try to complete Taxi Driver missions, Tip Bar is lowering too f***ing fast, I cant get any good money from this mission, what is the problem? Why is this?


(Sorry for my bad English btw)

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Lethal Vaccine

I usually have to get a good 35 Fares before I pass the Mission, which is when I reach $5,000. Alternatively, if you don't make that much money, you must do 50 of them in total to complete it. However, the "normal" Taxi Fares like the other GTA Games, these give you low amounts of money. You get more money from other types of Taxi Missions. They change in VCS and some give you a wanted level or you have to tail another Taxi, etc, etc...These give more money...

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I just wanna know why tip bar is not lowering at light speed in Al Molloy's videos and lowering faster than light speed when I play in PSP. I actually play on PPSSPP PC Version, maybe that's problem?

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Lethal Vaccine

I am not sure. I have the game legit on PS2 and soon will get it for iOS when it's released. All I know is I get around 30-35 Fares before I pass the Mission...I'd imagine it's like that for everyone else, too...

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I completed the mission but couldnt get any good money because of Rockstar's laziness.

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