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Why people dislike / hate Niko Bellic

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Am Shaegar
Just now, Crossbones said:

Then, about keeping the diamonds for himself. You are understanding that it would screw up other games stories yet you are complaining why didn't Niko kept the diamonds for himself.

Because those games are better paced than IV's ridiculous padding of the story that makes difficult to tolerate Niko's errand journey beyond a certain point. I don't see Niko's role that important in this whole diamond plot element. He doesn't gain anything out of this. In Niko's own words, "It's been a f*cking hassle and all for nothing"


Thats why I thought it makes more sense for any person to keep the diamonds for himself. It doesn't matter what Ray did to Johnny. Niko has survived through a lot of challenges that I don't think a war veteran with red army skills would care about the consequences for betraying Ray by keeping the diamonds for himself.

Don't forget even Niko has temper issues, just like Ray. Thats the inconsistency in Niko's character I and TheSantader25 were talking about Niko finding it difficult to stop taking orders from the weakest mob boss Pegorino when Niko had already killed many criminals throughout the story so far. Including the decisions of sparing or killing certain people in the past.


And sparing Luca, damn. Like I mentioned several times

Oh, that wasn't directed towards you. I was questioning the logic of the writers behind not giving us an option for some reason.

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