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A couple of questions


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OK, I just have 2 questions:


1) When you shoot the beach ball in Starfish Island and it bounces, do you get a confirmation message for keepie-ups, and do they appear in the stats screen?


2) After using the Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of a wanted level,t he starts flash for a short time (for me, anyway). Why? Does it mean that the level is just getting erased and you should lay low for a bit?

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Not sure about one....but the first time you use a pay and spray the game tells you that your wanted level will flash and if you do anything illegal that your full wanted level will return....So careful when you back out to not hit a cop car...:D

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when you bounce the ball on your head a number will appear above you saying how many keep ups you've done

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Ah, cheers - I thought you had to shoot it to keep it up. And I must've missed the pay n spray warning... cheers.. glad that's cleared up!

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Mr. Whoopee Sniper

Where is that beach ball? Maybe it's a nice record for the Record Book.

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It's a beach ball that is in the swimming pools of the houses in starfish island. Yeah that would make a good stats. I've only done 8 though.  :(

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Wooo I got 10 on my 3rd attempt :D!

The beach ball is in the deep end of the swimming pool of the house on the easternmost house on the curved road on starfish island. I'll attempt to do you an ASCII drawing:


            [ ^ N ]


        /        |     \

       /         |       \ x <<--- about here, if you get me

      |          |        |




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Well...for anyone that is completly confused on how to start the game just run into the ball and it bounces up...then run underneath it to keep it bouncing...you should see a red number flash everytime you keep it up...



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