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Really odd "GTA V Launcher has stopped working" Error


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Trying to get the game working on my brother 's laptop, used to work fine, copied for him the updates. however the game starts downloading social club (which is about 54mb) once it's complete, the launcher "stops working", then after re-opening it does the same loop. i never thought it was anything serious until it started getting annoying.

Things I tried:
1-Manually downloading social club. (later it said the game wasn't installed which i fixed using regedit.)
2-Copying social club from my PC to his. (put both gta v and social club in a folder called Rockstar games)
3-Copied his game to the main drive from E: to C:\Program Files

none of these really made any effect, (Again, the game used to work fine). and i can't give verifying a try because my game isn't steam version.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

P.S: His Specs:
I5 4210U
R7 M260 2GB
Windows 10

(Any comments regarding that his laptop is weak and isn't made for gaming, the game used to work fine on high with 35+ fps fine)

Edited by Seemly
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If it's the DVD version put in the first disc a screen will show up asking if you want to uninstall, repair and something else choose the repair option.

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Now I tried the Chinese launcher method from a video, ran the game in compatibility mode of windows 7, and as administrator, none did work

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I am having the same problem (exactly as you describe it). See here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/839885-gta-v-compatible-with-windows-10/


Your brother referred me here, so thanks... it's nice to know I'm not the only person experiencing this issue, but it seems like we are a rarity, making it tough to figure out what has gone wrong.


I did a lot of modifying of my newly installed Windows 10 OS to get rid of as much Microsoft data-collection as I possibly could... so my assumption is that something critical to the functioning of GTA V was removed in the process. But that's entirely a guess.

Edited by JamesTKirk
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