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What was your criminal mastermind experience like?


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I just finished the Criminal Mastermind challenge recently and was wondering, how was your experience?


My crew and I completed it first try (so we never had to reset back to fleeca) and only failed 2 missions:

- Series A- Bikers (Somehow we alerted the lost)

- Series A- Steal Meth (The tanker got blown up when we were shooting from the Kuruma, so we had to restart and kill everyone on foot)


I was surprised we did it first go (even though it took over 9 hours) as our crew consisted of Me (Level 97), another level 97, a level 120 and a level 197. So we were VERY low level (on average) for the challenge. None of us ever got close to dying...


Was your experience similar to mine, or did you fail numerous times? Please share!

Edited by DubzyNZ
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Dont we already have 2 threads for something like this ? :p

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Fun and nerve racking.


Finished on the 1st try.


Celebrated with a 12 pack of Heineken.

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Dont we already have 2 threads for something like this ? :p

Oh could you please link it? Sorry about this :(

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Levels 97-197 are low levels now?

Considering the game has been out since 2013, yes (apart from level 197, just on average in my crew).

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Easy, heist armor combined with 10 heavy armor and snacks = heists are jokes.

Edited by Logistics
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my experience was awesome, we did on our first try, no restart, pullin the plug, no a single fail.


it was my buddy stangone50, neo_ledah, gulfwar veteran, the last 2 i pretty meet them minutes before starting the challenge haha


it was a nice feat given the fact we completed this just little over a week after heist update got released, so we didnt have guides and youtube videos dissecting every aspect of the challenge like people have today.


i'd welcome more stuff like this!



Edited by CarimboHanky
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Went thru about 4 teams, people were dying under stupid pretenses because they were not paying attention, none of it was from firefights


Someone died trying to destroy the cop car on the station mission, someone died parachuting into the humane labs, someone died whilst flying their helicopter (pretty sure he flew over the prison)


Last team I did it with succeeded, but I was about to throttle one of the guys as he was a dick and kept doing stupid things like running team mates over "by accident"

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The only challenge for me is to quit the game on time when someone accidentally dies.

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A Paradox from 94

I've completed it 3 times so far.


First Attempt: Everything that could go wrong outside the game did. One of the members couldn't be on for a long period of time so we had to break single heists into days. Another member found out that his cable was being stolen by his neighbor so he wasn't able to tell us that he wasn't going to be on that day as he resolved the issue.

During our playthough myself and the last member that I haven't mentioned yet didn't receive our CMM payout only the All in Order+Loyalty bonus. Till this day we don't know what reset our progress, we never died.


The last two: These attempts were run by the Heist leaders- Blasterman4ever(2nd attempt)

FetchinEddie(3rd attempt)


On the second attempt the member who I played with on the 1st playthrough that didn't receive CMM joined us and we sped through with our only hitches being Humane Labs Finale & Series A Bikers. These missions weren't difficult just some slip ups hindered us. We finished and I finally get the CMM bonus.


On the 3rd go I was being charitable with my time to help some players looking for assistance in the CMM Recruitment hub. Though I was expecting a higher cut since I couldn't receive the bonus twice, I was given 25% on most of the finales. The monetary incentive was relatively low but I found satisfaction in knowing I was helping others. The CMM took about ~10-11 hours to complete.


Overall: Easy.Breezy.Beautiful.Covergirl


I'm looking to complete the challenge for a 4th time soon.

Edited by A Paradox from 94
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Pretty much like this:


- Alright you shoot that guy I'll shoot this one.

- Fu€# I died.

- What?!?!



*xbox reboots, going online*

- Did it work? Is the progress saved?

- Yeah, phew.

- Alright lets try again.



Exactly like this xD


2nd time was without doing this, but on PC. I didn't get the money the 2nd time though ;(

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to whom it may concerns...long story told long :lol:


It was hilarious - it was frightening - it was simply epic.

How I found my CM-crew?

To that time I was kind of low level - can't remember it exactly, but I only could buy 4 or 6 vest at ammunation, no RPG, heavy sniper, minigun <- that kind low. I randomly joined couple Heist setups and finals to get a feeling - but nothing in a row, never hosted by myself more than Fleeca and was playing the game for only two months. I even was not sure to have played every single one at least once.

I was in an open session and noticed a heavy fight one player was fighting against three others - pretty unfair I thought. So I barely tried to help out that surrounded player and the tide has turned (at least they randomly got me under fire and I could deflect of her - I died more than I got my kills but whatever, I tried my best). This took about half an hour until the three (let's say trolls) left the session. I found a new friend based on my braveness and cooperativeness. Next day I was invited to her 7th try for CM. They're three and tried always with one random player but it never worked. I agreed but can't promise anything and my only proposition was: Only one Heist a day/evening. They agreed and in return I had to buy that heavy armor outfit.Here's how it was:

Scope out: well....
Kuruma: Going with a Kuruma to pickup the Kuruma was pretty easy and save.
Final: Well - who fails here?

We got a feeling for each other and found a way to cummunicate efficiently (no mics)

Prison Break-Tuesday:
Plane: Pretty easy - two teams, two Kurumas - after first wave pilot got out and flies away while the rest cleared the area
Bus: Again two teams - one Supercar (the bus driver) and one Kuruma (the backup) - Busdriver gets the bus and goes offroad - Kuruma plays with cops and goes offroad, too.
Station: I was set to the policeteam. After leaving the apartment my buddy took his phone and called 911 - we killed the cops and had a police car. We went to the tunnel by the highway to savely loose our stars and we're done.
Villa/Casco: I was in the Cascoteam - we stealthy climbed up the crane - my buddy here jumped with parachute directly to the container - shot the three guards - opened it up and I spawned right at the car (I'm no hero and I'm able to stay when I told to stay n look)
Final: I was affraid here - saw so many dying here but to my suprise, the guard (I was prisoner) took his Kuruma inside prison while the Demo gave airsupport hoovering the Buzzard close to the prison. Pretty easy if you know how to do it. I was impressed.

Human Labs-Wednesday:
Key cards: I was told to and so I instantly got cover in the garage while the three others let their miniguns and RPGs sing - they honked - my sign to get in the car.
Insurgent: Two teams - one supercar and one Kuruma - the supercar driver went on foot while we others jumped in the hole to took aout all Meryweather guards. They drove the trainway back to the spot we had to reach.
EMP: Once arrived the aircarrier, we moved forward step by step - cleared the deck and I was told just not to die. I circled over the carrier until the hydra landed.
Valkyrie: One team - all in one Kuruma. Instantly driving to the Valkyrie - killing only the guards arround and fast hopping in - lift off and shoot down the first and all other approaching Buzzards.
EMP deliver: I like that one - sneaky! But at this time went went through while I was sitting in the Insurgent.
Final: Well, I was gunner so I gunned all down.

Series A-Thursday:
Coke: I was in the boatteam - we did some driveby kills then entered the yacht and while I was underdeck they cleared the whole boat - met at the heli and done.
Trash Truck: Hated that back then - I was set to co-driver now and never left the truck lmao. They had their fast way to do it so we barely had to shoot someone.
Bikers: Once they cleared the Losts - we got in the Vans and they're driven like devils.
Weed: Never seen that before - but to my luck I was set as gunner to the pickup - they cleared the mill with sniper and Kuruma - picked me up and took the highway at the ozean back.
Meth: Two teams - two Kurumas. One team cleared the house - the otherone the area where the trucks are. I was driving the truck - they covered me on the way to the gasstation by shooting - raming down the Sandkings - 7 sec. left - near heart attack.

Final: I was set to gunner on the pickup and after the takedown of the four helis we had nothing to worry about.

Pacific-(close to black)Friday:
Vans: I'm good at Ralleyraces - they are better by knowing the spots of the vans - so listening to the radio and enjoying the ride.
Signal: Three of us went to the beach close to the island and one comes with a heli - wait...what? Engaged the island, took down the policeheli - our heli landed - picked up Avi - got of the boat - in the heli and done
Hack: Instead of going all to the white van - only the host goes. We went in one Kuruma to the location of the black van and killed all enemies before the white van arrived. With the black van they took side streets - parking garages an confused the attackers - so nearly nothing to shoot at.
Convoy: Once arrived at the spot we took down the first heli than engaged the convoy with one Kuruma and one Insurgent - took down the rest of the helis with the armed Insurgent we picked up while one player in his Insurgent ramed and killed everything else.
Bikes: Went to the bikes in two Kurumas - got on the bikes and ignited KERS - crashed in a Van, got cover in a sidestreet - my mates came back and took out all enemies. They took me in the middle of our convoy!

We had a 30 min break!

Final: I was set as hacker and was told to take all the money. Two of them went the way down the sidestreet to the bikes while I was hiding in the bank, protected by the fourth. They catched us up with a Kuruma. we went the way down the sidestreet again so we get the checkpoints, too - and went the way up to the cliff - jumped with the kuruma down to the Dingi - entered it without having cops and ESCAPED! CM-passed!


Celebrated with Vodka! :^:




Will never forget that week (as you read) and what I've learned from them so early. Today I enjoy to meet them online and we do heists together the classic way - no Kuruma - no heavy armor, killing all enemies and so on. We agreed to do it againat our 1st year anniversary. Btw - were an international mixed-up for that, in alphabetical order: british, german, greece and russian; two guys and two girls.

cheers & congrats, you made it up to this point :cool:

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Me and two very good friends had been looking for a fourth player forever.

We asked all our friends, but they either already done it or was afraid of beeing the one that dies.


During double heist event I made a ton of new friends, all great players.

But after the event my friends where burned out and stopped playing.

I didn't stop though, and one of my new friends was interested in doing it and I've done a ton of heists with her during the event so I knew she was a good player. (I'm 70% sure she's a she and not a he. lol)


So I told my friends I found a fourth player and they returned to the game for cmm.

Problem was that she and my friends didn't see eye to eye, I still don't know what the problem was but she refused to continue playing with them.


A couple of weeks later she said she had a couple of friends and they where looking for a fourth player, so I joined them.

We finished it in one go, about 8-9 hours, easy as pie.


But I still feel really bad for doing it with others, me and my friends had been planning it since heists came out.

I still haven't told them that I finished it.

Edited by jollythecat
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I just did this last weekend. Hilarious we waited this long to do it given how many times we have heisted. No network issues (freakin miracle) and just a couple minor hiccups. We always heist with a play to win mentality. No Rambonita's in my crew.


I posted the story in here

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With a decent crew, the best word I can use was easy.


Only issues came with the stealth mission, which was my fault, and me nearly getting flattened by a train on Series A Finale



No disconnects or anything silly had to happen, and did it in about 10 hours totl

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We did it second try.


First time we all died in Trash Truck when the gas tanks at the petrol station blew without warning. I have a video of them going supernova and freeze framing it I still can't tell what caused it. Now I blow them from a safe distance as a matter of course even just playing it as a one off.


Aside from that being ver frustrating, it was great fun with a group of friends all with mics. Although it was not as difficult as the elite, the "one slip and it's all over" factor definitely adds to the tension and makes it all feel more real.

Edited by Jimbatron
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As people said, once you got the right crew you fine. I have two xboxes so played 2 of the 4 heist members, we made it threw. We had a few bad runs with people going on vacation in the middle of when were doing it and some bad deaths of things that can go wrong did.


Our final attempt with the right crew, no one died, we took every freaking precaution in the book with zero risk even on the easy missions. Pretty straight forward. If you can make it threw prison break, the rest are fine. In my mind the high risk missions for failure are


Prison Break Finale

First setup in Humane Labs

First two setups in Trevor's Heist

Convoy in PS


Other than that, the rest should be straight forward.


Make sure you all communicate and unplug your gear if someone does die, getting people prepared to do this is the hardest because they not expecting it and freeze up.

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Along with a few guys from this forum when heists were just released. Did it in one attempt, without the use of a mic. Because you only need a mic if someone is clueless.


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I did the first two heists a couple days ago and want to finish the last three today. Heists aren't hard but the problem is that it takes nearly 10 hours so you can't do it in a day.

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Did it my first time while doing the first person lock challenge at the sametime. It was intense, horrifying and amazing at the same time. Especially the part where we did the parachute jump at the end. Thank you heavy vests.

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Did it my first time while doing the first person lock challenge at the sametime. It was intense, horrifying and amazing at the same time. Especially the part where we did the parachute jump at the end. Thank you heavy vests.

IN first person? Wow that's impressive...

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I haven't done it because heists are no fun, and I'm rich as f*ck anyway. I'll probably never even bother.

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Fun and nerve racking.


Finished on the 1st try.


Celebrated with a 12 pack of Heineken.


this. but i celebrated by going to sleep, I was zonked.

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Had a group of 4 friends. We never really had a problem with heists, so we went for it.


We get to a setup you cannot POSSIBLY die on: Deliver EMP. One of our teammates decides he's going to climb on the roof while waiting for the Insurgent to be parked. Falls off. "<Name withheld> has died."


What?! We couldn't even plug pull because he never said a word.


Oh well. Restart. We're only on Prison Break - Assassination mission. We go over to the Court House. SAME GUY falls off THAT roof and dies! FML.


Restart again. It's getting late, so we just do Fleeca and we'll pick it up the next night. Next night, we fly through the whole thing without a hitch. Easy peasy. All's well that ends well...


That was back in the spring. We still don't let him forget about it. :) (And he's not allowed on roofs anymore)

Edited by RayD70
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