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Album art help


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Hi. I searched for a perfect cover for my one of the favourite albums of all time for a long time, but failed. Hope you can help me with this one.

My request is, replacing the band logo with the logo i posted and remaster the text (identical fonts, please). Logo and text colors will be same as old one.

It's blurry on pic that's why it's hard to find the exact color, but I think the color codes for logo and fonts are #E38D16.

Here are the picture:



Here are the logo:



Logo is a bit different, some edges are thin comparing to original art.


Please, keep it original as much as you can.

Thanks a lot! :)

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Was big fan when they released the debut Scream Bloody Gore. Didn´t listen much their post 1990 stuff though.

But to your request, I managed to find a bit better cover scan, just realised that the album title on it was different capitals were bigger. If You want it like in yours let me know.

Not sure where you got the color code but I used it, don´t have the album to get exact color.


New logo and text on empty image.





If You want to do it yourself:



Edited by Graven
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Great job with band logo and the colors looks almost the same. The cover have two versions actually, they were released via different labels, that's why the text is mixed up.

Your finding looks more detailed, however I'm so sad for the grain, it spoils the art. I can remove the white dots by myself but i cannot do the same for the grain. Any possibilities to remove them, to look like grainless in my pic? If not, it's ok. And what is the name of font? i looked up for that but couldn't find.

Sorry if it's overdose request. My regards.

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Ah yes. The grain is caused by scanning, because printed color images consist of dots. It can be fixed little but some detail will always be lost.

Your image is much smaller, downscaling will remove that effect bit but it looks also very blurry. I´ll try to seek if I can find still better one.

The font I used for the title was Bitstream IowanOld Standard, You might have a problem to find it and it´s not correct. I can´t just get in my head now what that font is.

Will reply if I find better source image.


Yeah the small white dots have come in the scanning process too. I removed one larger stain, but you can probably do those little ones easily.

Why do You need this may I ask? It´s bit overkill for normal mp3 album art.


edit: here´s a big png export logo for you I vectorized from another image. Unfortunately the cover was the 2nd version, they used two different arts for this album.







Edited by Graven


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Looks much better. Anyways, 1000x1000 is pretty good quality, somehow it resizes automaticly on music player.

I searched for this album art for a very long time, the only best result is the picture that i posted, and the size is ok.

Your logo and fonts are amazing, but i can not say the same for the background. I edited colors a bit to fit the art you posted, i think this has no problems. I'd be in debt if you change the logo and the text like you did in this pic. I'll go into small details and heal them by myself later.




By the way, I have such a passion to album arts, and have tons of em in very high quality. Some don't exist on internet. Maybe one day i'll upload on some album cover site.

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Okay, that´s cool. I was into album art when LPs were around, it was always a joy to inspect them and read the lyrics inside. You probably familiar with Lawvere and other artists who made real nice covers, Celtic Frost and Kreator albums for example were cool.

CD covers are so small I didn´t care anymore so much, and in MP3s I don´t embed them at all.


Work on the empty image I posted in first reply and we can add the logo and text later? I don´t want to paste them on the on the one with texts. See the nasty effect around the logo in your edit?

I edited my previous post btw with a huge logo that is much better, took it from this.



Edited by Graven


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Shame, Relapse killed the art with their "remaster".

The logo you cut from their art is just amazing, maybe that's all i needed. I'm going to re-search for the perfect grainless background and paste your logo. Hope it will look cool.

That's all, for now. Thanks for support :^:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, i finally found some time to work on the art. Cleared dirt around the logo and pasted your logo, looks fantastic! I'll work on smoothing the noise as well.




But about the text, I tried, i couldn't do. It looked very dull. The art seems like having a tiny shadow around the text, that's causing difficulty. Hope you can do. :)

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If you really are concerned about quality of your cover art use png at 0 compression or lossless tif not jpg.

How did you manage to screw it up like that it´s blurry? You should finalize the image first in final resolution and then add text.

Scaling can cause all sort of weird transformation.





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Actually didn't know that, compression has always been a trouble for me.

Anyways, i'm really happy with final result. Thank you for the arts and for your time. Cheers :^:

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