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TheFightingIrishLads Xbox360 Recruitment


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It was 1947 and the O'connor family from Dublin ireland were well known around for arms dealing and bomb making they decided they wanted to try there luck in the Big Apple and so they did travelling for 2 weeks in a rotten wooden ship with 10% chance of survival they landed in NewYork city and very quickly came up through the underworld ranks and soon enough started attacking the biggest gangs and mobs in America leaving a trail of blood bones and god knows what behind them whilst taking out top hitmen for the fun of it they quickly got a bad name and had more than enough enemies

It was new years eve and the whole family and all there footsoldiers and hitmen were drinking in there private bar down a cold icy back street, with no guns or weapons it was the first time they ever let there guard down, It was the early hours of the morning now and everybody besides the 4 brothers had left and gone home, they were about to leave when 5 men burst in the door with pistols and opened fire spraying bullets everywhere, the 4 brothers took cover then ran at the men and bet each one of them up like it was nothing.

the word spread like wildfire throughout the gangs mobs and nobodies of america and they were quickly branded the name



now, about 60 years on from there legacy there is fresh blood in the family that are more armed and dangerous than the last with a taste for blood like a wild lion, out to kill anybody that speaks the name of TheFightingIrishLads wrongly and dealing with the snitches and corrupters of the crew in a way too gory and gruesome to describe.


The main man nidge is just finished a 10 year prison sentence for arms dealing and is out to make twice as much money and make the crew twice as big as it was in the 40's through to the 60's.


To join fill out this form and reply it in this topic,

xbox live name:



skills(name up to 3):

flaws(name up to 3):

to get into the crew you must be loyal, good with a gun and or a car,

have a headset and be able to play regularly.

crew cars:

if your muscle you choose: bati 801/karin futo

if you are a representative you choose: vulcar warrener/coil brawler

if you are a lieutenant you choose: karin kuruma(armoured)/ insurgent

if you are a commisioner you will be awarded a very nice car and a nice suprise(must get to this level to find out what)

Preffered crew choice of weapons:

melee:knuckle duster/baseball bat

explosives: rpg/ sticky bombs

guns: ap pistol/regular pistol

bullpup rifle/sawed off shotgun

sniper rifle

the crew will be hosting car meets/bike meets once or twice a month

rules of crew:

No killing other members

16+ with mic

if you're intrested fill out the form and leave it as a reply to this topic or message me on social club at Dginganinja69.

This is a new crew and have plenty of ideas for it in the near future

The crews purpose is to have fun and destroy other crews to become the best most notorious crew out there.


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