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JulioNIB mods/ScripthookDOTnet broken?


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Before I start this topic - Yes, I know nobody else is having these issues, or maybe someone is, but for me, it seems to be very unique to me - and it happens quite often for whatever reason. If there is a very simple solution to this issue that I am overlooking, please tell me, so I can get this issue fixed.

Okay, so, essentially, what's happening, is that a few days ago ( Maybe even a week earlier ), I downloaded the new JulioNIB mod WATCH_DOGS V, being a fan of the gameplay elements WATCH_DOGS brought to the table, and wanting to give GTA V some revitalization. I get into the game, and play with the mod for at the least 10 minutes, blissfully causing chaos with the mod, and then, suddenly, I'll get a "Memory could not be Read" issue out of nowhere, and then the game simply crashes. At first, I assumed this to just be a fluke, but then I noticed the error occurs again - and it's not consistent in timing, either. It will happen while the game's loading in, or in the middle of gameplay, or even for no good reason. Eventually, I just gave up, thinking maybe WATCH DOGS V just had a few bugs in it's code.

So, I uninstalled WATCH DOGS V and decided to try out the HULK Mod - All is well and good until I toggle HULK Powers from the menu. Game fades to black, and then, bang, 'Memory Could Not Be Read', this time, it happens only when the Hulk mod is activated. The game runs perfectly other than that.

I have contacted JulioNIB himself about the issues, thinking maybe there was something I was overlooking, but even he himself said he didn't know what was wrong. I have checked - and I have been running the newest C++ ( Reinstalled the older C++ in case ), the newest Scripthook and ScripthookDOTNet, using dinput8.dll as a hook...

I have even installed the newest ( and the oldest required ) .NET Framework, and even went so far as to reinstall the game, but it seems like nothing works. All other mods, like LSPD:FR work just fine ( though I uninstalled those mods before trying JulioNIB's mods.

I apologize for the long explanation, so for those who don't want to read a large wall of text, here's the short version.


GTA V runs perfectly fine until any one of JulioNIB's mods are activated, which triggers a 'Memory cannot be read' error, and, depending on the mod, this could be randomly, or when the mod activates.

Contacted the mod developer ( JulioNIB ) to no success.


Mod requirements have been checked and reinstalled, game has been reinstalled, the newest versions of Scripthook and ScripthookDOTNET along with the ASI loader, are being used.

If the memory addresses are needed to find a solution, I will post a picture of the error below.



Edited by Fireyfoxes
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Julio's script tend to be unstable since it involves with a lot of animations (See Hulk Mod and you probably know why).


Btw,how many scripts have you installed?Try reducing it to one script and see how long the game will last...

Edited by Cyberzone2
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Julio's script tend to be unstable since it involves with a lot of animations (See Hulk Mod and you probably know why).

Btw,how many scripts have you installed?Try reducing it to one script and see how long the game will last...

At the time of writing this post, I only had the HULK mod installed on a fresh copy of GTA V.


I had been messing around with the mod's files and found that, if I deleted bass.dll, the Hulk mod seems to work properly ( albeit with no sounds ), but then, after installing the WATCH_DOGS mod, the mod will crash after trying to use a hack. I'm starting to wonder if this is related to bass.dll in any way, rather than the actual mods...

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