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Northern Task Force | Recruiting Now! | Xbox ONE | UK

Northern Task Force

Recommended Posts

Northern Task Force

Northern Task Force Private Military Contractors


Rules / Regulations:




DO NOT Talk Over Your Superiors

DO NOT Engage on Other Players in Game Without Permission

DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Engage Upon Anyone In The Crew (A Case Will Immediately Be Opened)

ALWAYS Do As Told By Your Superiors

ALWAYS Stay in Your Assigned Position (If Given One)

NEVER Muck Around While on Duty


Our Crew Runs on a 3 Strike Basis, You Will Receive Strikes For Breaking The Above Rules, If You Receive Your 3 Strikes, It Will Be Down to a Superior to Decide Whether or Not You Will Be Temporarily or Permanently BANNED From NOTF.


Chain of Command:


1st Command - TaylorLC (Me)

2nd Command - JackCarmichael1

3rd Command - LV x M4GIC




Basic Infantry - JackCarmichael1 (Leader)

Security - TaylorLC (Leader)

Military Police - LV x M4GIC (Leader)

Air Force - Leader Needed

Navy - Leader Needed




Every Soldier is Issued With a Standard Pistol, SMG, Carbine Rifle and Grenades.






Every Division Has Their Different Vehicle Specifications, From The Mesa to The Brand New Gallivanter Baller LE LWB Armoured. But Some Divisions Such as ir Force and Navy, Will Drive Aircraft and Sea Craft, Which Their Division Leaders Will Decide Upon. But For More Information on The Vehicles Your Division Drives, Consult Either 1st or 2nd in Command (TaylorLC or JackCarmichael1).




Depending on Which Division You Join, Your Uniform Will Vary, Upon Entry into NOTF, You Will Be Asked to Get into Uniform and Your Division Leader Will Take You To Get Ready (So It Would be Smart to Cary Some Cash Round With You When Joining Us)




As Northern Task Force Started From The Bottom, We Have Had to Build Our Crew From The Ground up, And During That, We Have Came Across Some Pretty Powerful Crews That We Have Had The Privilege to Become Allied With, These Crews Are;


SOAU (Special Operations and Assault Unit)

ETFM (Elite Task Force Militaries)

FIB Special Agents

MARSOC 1st Batallion


Military Post 149052


All of Which Are Extremely Powerful Crews That Come Together to Form The United Militaries (Which NOTF Have Recently Had The Privilege of Being Accepted Into)


How To Join:


As Your Are Reading This, The Northern Task Force Website is Under Creation, It Will be Ready Within 2-3 Days Of The Launch of This Post, So It Will Be Ready on The 19-20/01/2016

Advise You To Message "TaylorLC" on Xbox ONE For an Interview Time and Date, We Remind You That You Must Be 13+ (or have high maturity levels) And a Working Microphone to Join!



Means of Communication:


As an Extremely Active Crew, We Often Resort to Using Other Means of Communication to Make it Easier to Talk to People / Crew Members.


Kik: TaylorLC1


Zello: TaylorLC (Walkie Talkie App For MEMBERS ONLY


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/northern_task_force


We Hope To See You in The Northern Task Force Soon!


Thankyou For Your Time!

Edited by Northern Task Force
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