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Car mod customization gone.


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Hi, I recently installed a couple of car mods using the addon method, I can spawn the cars but the customization is very limited. The only things I can customize are the wheels, plate and lights. Also some other cars I've installed a while back are acting like this too. They used to have alot of options for customization. Have I installed something wrong because it says that these mods are tunable.

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I'm not entirely sure about these as I haven't added any add-on cars with customization, but I think you would need to add the "CARNAMEmods.rpf" into the correct location where it should be located in, like you would do if it was installed on a car that it would replace:

Infernus -> infernusmods.rpf goes to \x64i.rpf\levels\gta5\vehiclemods\infernus_mods.rpf, rename the 'infernusmods.rpf' to the added vehicles name (e.g. aventadormods.rpf or whatever the added vehicles name ingame is). But like I mentioned, I haven't done this before so I'm just guessing, but I guess it could be worth a shot :)

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Addon cars usually already include everything on the dlc.rpf, all you really have to do is make a folder at update\x64\dlcpacks and name it according to what the readme's says and I have already done everything right.

I've probably just added something wrong by mistake which messes up with the customizations. Like I said, I installed the toyota supra before this even happened and It had all the customization options but since yesterday, all the options are gone except the plate, wheels and light.

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