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Mafia Recruitment: Wilde Crime Family [PS4]


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The Wilde Crime Family is a new family Mafia based in Los Santos, San Andreas. The family does whatever it takes to sustain a profitable organisation. The family will have its allies, who we will work with to help one another. Monthly meetings will take place for the Boss to brief the rest of the family on the current affairs. On the other hand, the family will have its enemies, who we will do whatever it takes to minimise their business. It's just a case of choosing the right side, the Wilde Crime Family.




The family follows the general structure of a Mafia organisation:


Boss: The Boss is the well-respected leader of the organisation. His role is to lead the family through all scenarios.


Consigliere: The Consigliere is usually a family member of the Boss, although he is not an official member of the family, his role is to help the Boss make his decisions based on balanced information he is provided with.


Underboss: The Underboss is second-in-command and is the voice of the Boss to the Caporegimes. He is well respected by all ranks. He will gather information from the Caporegimes to tell the Boss on the current jobs the Soldiers have been undertaking.


Caporegimes: The Caporegimes are lead by the Underboss and lead a small group of Soldiers each. They may have to do some assassinations themselves if it is an important job, however, they will usually choose one of their Soldiers for a job ordered by the Underboss.


Soldiers: The Soldiers are the lowest rank in the family, however, they are also one of the most important ranks. Their role is to do the jobs (assassinations, retrieving information, etc.). They may also be asked to guard the Boss at the family meetings, or at meetings elsewhere.


The ranks currently available are Caporegimes and Soldiers. For more information on the rank structure visit http://uk.askmen.com/money/mafioso_150/176_mafia.html .


[Rules & Requirements]


1. Try your best to have a mic, if not communicate exceptionally through messengers.

2. You'll need a metallic black four-door car as the crew car.

3. Dress professionally (I.e suits).

4. Respect everyone in the crew, no matter what rank they are.

5. Listen to the orders you are given.

6. Never kill a family member, this will result in a meeting with the Underboss on whether or not you'll be staying in the crew.

7. Speak English.

8. At least rank 35.

9. You must be able to play in any targeting mode (free-aim etc.).

10. Be mature.

11. Have fun!


[How to Join]


To join, message me on PSN (Wildy_4444) telling me why you want to join, what rank you'd like to apply for, and a screenshot of your character. I will arrange a meeting with you so I can make sure you are suitable for the crew.


Thanks for reading.

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