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problem in gtavc android!


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I'm having a problem about control in android vc. When i go to the hardware store in little havana, i stand in the pink marker( i dont know how to call it) but the weapons didnt show up, i also noticed that the shopkeeper wasnt there. the bug begin from this moment, on the screen, instead of the analog, it is the left and right arrow button, i had to move, control tommy with this wrecked control!!!

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Did you purchase the game legitimately from the Google Play Store or did you obtain it elsewhere?

Have you modified the files in any way or tried to install modifications?

Does this bug occur anywhere else in the game?

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Lethal Vaccine

FYI, for VC Mobile, when you have to rob those Stores, you can't aim a weapon at the Clerk and instead you have to point your finger on at him on the screen. That confused me when I got VC for iOS last year and played through it considering it never explains how to rob the Stores on Mobile, lol

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