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V for Vinegar


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I've been trying to complete The Escape (1) yesterday but I got stuck after placing the cement truck to exit the courtyard.


I don't know what to do. :panic:


You have to put it really close to the burned car. Practically touching it. There is a invisible checkpoint there.

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General Scrotum

I know - I've done that part.


I am stuck afterwards, when we jump on the other side of the fence after placing the cement truck.

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I know - I've done that part.


I am stuck afterwards, when we jump on the other side of the fence after placing the cement truck.


Then follow ahead, you will pass of a container and then reach a big wall, there will a marking to the right, you jump to the platform and then it's done. You can watch Aznkei's last video of his serie of VfV. Have you tried to reload the mission?

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  • 5 months later...

Yo,THBP,i've started translating the MP to Serbian!Hope i'll fisish it fast!

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  • 4 months later...

If you need some help with Spanish traduction, I can help with that, I am from Colombia, so that's wil be easy for me.

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  • 3 years later...

When the Spanish translation? 2 people offered, if you had accepted it would have been years since this series would have been released in multi language .-.

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  • 9 months later...

Warning: Spoilers below


Hey THBP, here is a very insightful review about this very intriguing mission pack of yours:


Started from a very typical life of a guy being protective about a particular blood relation, both living a causal life in a city notorious for its mere anarchy. An abrupt tragedy (which is very common, but realistic) struck immensely that only change the life of the protagonist forever, but leave remnants of his experience with the dear one. This sudden event not only reshaped his views about the "state of nature" but also left a very straightforward goal to achieve. A guy left with a very strong hope to end anarchy from the state once and for all. So yeah, indeed, a very cinematic approach here to see... felt like a movie from many aspects. 


In addition to that, the SD played more than 50 percent of the role here. The change of ambients accordingly shares the vibes of the protagonist itself. That calmness of nature and intense SD ambiance amidst any predicament had made it look more cinematic (especially for a guy like me having an obsession with graphics mod). I Gotta say that you have good choices there so hats off!


Talking about the gameplay itself, the limited resources, the covers like random vehicles on the streets, and tricky objectives to sort out the escape with placing vehicles above others was very creative and unique. However, I would like to point out something about objects here. Some placement of objects (like big mansion being down near All Saints Hospital, construction site) and several others related to this did not make sense. Due to these, there was a bit of exacerbation in regards to the environment, and felt like the state is being hit by a nuclear weapon or asteroid, or to say "wasteland" divided by several factions and territories.  In reality, the chaos due to the absence of any organized political community (government) is a bit (not much) different than this. If we take this as an exception here, overall objects placements used were extra-smart, and not mentioning the favorite part of all were the sewers of Los Santos and I loved how you made it look more rational. Also, when Yuji and Mari were at the county with mountain bike... I seriously enjoyed every and each second of that mission. The steep path with random vehicles & objcts there was amazing. Hats off for choosing such an appropriate place for the mission. Also, those invisible walls preventing all actors to leave the area were something new and had never been seen before (as I mentioned "extra-smart" above for a reason). The gradual guide you gave throughout the story with extra features (like weapons and easter eggs) was very informative and felt like playing a whole new different survival game so brilliant job on that. 


Ending this on some points here that there were many aspects in this unique mission pack. About Plot, I wouldn't say that it was something that we have never seen before but certainly, there were a lot of new things introduced. The mission pack is purely an inspiration for those who are thinking to make a comeback to DYOM so I would strongly recommend other designers to play this if you are looking for new ideas here. Just to clear something that I am not a "professional" guy that does reviews of every so & then missions out there. There might be some things here that you would disagree with me (and you have all the right to do that). There are so much you can express if you play carefully but this is all I want to say


THBP, you are a fabulous designer (certainly, way way better than me) and I would love to see more updates from you.


Edited by Springfield
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  • 6 months later...

You put so much effort into this. Loved the story, the characters, the object placement... Well, everything! 😄 I'm excited for the second game! You will rock this. 🎸🔥🧑‍🚒

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