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War Thunder, World Of Tanks Warships & Warplanes


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Does anybody else play these games?


I tried to play WoT & WoWP a while back but kept getting rekted before i could even get close enough so i basically quit playing but i started playing again at the request of a friend who asked me to play WoWarships with him and i gotta say i like it very much.


There are a lot of bad reviews about this game and rightfully so especally because of the Play2Win part of the game and the game is set up so unless you pay real money for gold to buy better vehicles you are going to be matched up against higher ranked vehicles and not even get close enough to fire a shot before getting killed.


But if you've never played it before don't let my comment above sway you from not trying it, It's free to install and play so at least try it you never know.


WarThunder is on Steam while the other three can be found on http://www.wargaming.net/

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  • 3 weeks later...

I play World of Warships and like it a lot, even more than GTA Online perhaps. Warships doesn't feel very pay to win so far; on the forums, there are so many posts complaining about how people think it is and end up buying high tier premium ships only to end up sucking in them.

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I play World of Tanks, and I can say that I play it a lot more than I would want to. I installed on my Xbox 360, because it was free and I wanted to see what's what. I knew literally nothing about the game, before, apart from the fact it's about Multiplayer fights with tanks (duh). But the game sucked me in and I often find myself playing to complete some ops and grind my tanks.


And thankfully the game isn't set as P2W as you can absolutely rule the battlefield with normal tank (take British Matilda for example), during the preferential matchmaking. Sometimes you can matched against higher tiers and you will be ripped to shreds pretty quickly, but that's how it works and I don't have much problem with it. Just try to be helpful on the battlefield and do something (spot, get assists, etc.)


And gold isn't necessary to play. Sure it helps a lot and make the grinding much shorter, thus easier to progress, but if you have time, will and a bit of skill you upgrade your tanks and unlock the new ones, without much hassle. Just play and earn experience, but that's just way these (aka F2P) games work. Only thing you may want to spend your money on are the garage spaces, but Wargaming gives them rather often as a rewards for various operations, so it's not impossible to play without real money, unless you want every tank in the game.

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I have newly started on playing war and thunder. But i researched stugf and now i am with higer tiers but i cant go back and play low tiers????

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