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GTA VCS Special Vehicle Guide


Recommended Posts


5.2. H/FP/PP Barracks OL (PSP only)

Mission: From Zero to Hero (Fail) (OM0)

How to Obtain: .....


So how to obtain? I cannot understand this Video. :panic:

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Neither can I understand the Video, since I don't talk Russian. All I understand is that you have to get OM0 in From Zero to Hero, get a Marked Taxi and park it near the Print Works, then continue the Mission until you get to the Print Works during the Barracks OL Part of the Mission, then exit the Barracks OL and enter the Taxi and activate Taxi Driver, the Mission will be killed and you can get the H/FP/PP Barracks OL.

Thing is, Taxi Driver crashes a lot on PSP, but on PS2 it seems to crash all the time, thus why I call it PSP only.

And what's a Marked Taxi? It's a Taxi from Traffic that won't disappear. Most of the time the Taxi you left near the Print Works will just disappear since it won't be Marked. How to know if the Taxi from Traffic is Marked or not? I do not know...

EDIT: Okay I think I found a theoretically possible way for the Unique Domestobot without Cheats using Padlock. Before I thought that this isn't possible, but now it should work.

Get the OM0 Padlock, but hold down X before you enter the Padlock and keep it held down. Get another OM0 Rampage and then go to Diaz' Mansion and enter the Mission Marker when the Rampage Timer says 0:20 or 0:10 or less, but more than 0:05, so Domo Arigato Domestoboto will be duped. But before entering the Pink Marker so that while holding X, you press Triangle and hold down Triangle, then release X, kinda like with the AP PCJ-600. During the Cutscene, right after you see the Rampage Failed, keep spamming X, stop spamming X, and spam X again, all while Triangle is held down, hopefully the Mission will be duplicated. After the Dupe, press down and hold X and then release Triangle. Keep holding X and go to Prawn Island.

At Prawn Island, sometimes you will see two Boxvilles next to each other, sometimes one inside another. If they're one inside another, reload. If they're next to each other, then push the H/EC Boxville without the Blue Arrow near the Water, so that when you enter the Boxville it falls into the Water, all while X is held down!

After the Cutscenes, Vic will be on Mendez' Mansion Roof, get inside it using an Unsolid Roof, while X is still held down, get in the Unique Domestobot, and then finally release X to get teleported out.

This should work, I don't know why it wouldn't... Still, it's time consuming, three times luck based, and boring...

Edited by SpriteFan274
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Lethal Vaccine

Lol @ the H/FP/PP Barracks OL Method...Literally, can it be any more Luck Based? Find a Marked Taxi (Unknown when and why this will happen). Park it near Print Works and go through the Mission like normal driving the FP/PP Barracks OL and following Lance's H/FP/PP Barracks OL. Reach Print Works and exit your Barracks OL. Activate Taxi Driver (fingers crossed the game doesn't crash), then go to where the Barracks OL is just sitting in traffic at this point and get one of the enemies inside the Sentinel XS or Bobcat to shoot at the Barracks OL when you stand near it or behind it to get Lance to exit, then jack it, drive it back to a Garage.


Thing is, the wait time before a Marked Taxi appears can be anywhere from 20 Minutes up to over an hour. It all depends when the game traffic becomes glitched. It happens all the time on PS2 for me, but it is completely random when I see this stuff. In fact, in my AP PCJ-600 Failed Attempt Video, a Marked Taxi drives past me. But WHY was it marked and WHEN did it happen? No f*cking clue. That is why the H/FP/PP Barracks OL sucks. I mean, seriously, how hard can it be if the Taxi/Cabbie you park near Print Works NEVER disappeared? We wouldn't be having this conversation if the Taxi/Cabbie wouldn't disappear. It's such a simple Vehicle but relies tremendously on luck and wasted time until a Marked Taxi decides to spawn for you.


I am sensing a pattern with VCS OM0 nonsense, though. A lot of it is luck based, it's even more glitchy than ever, and it barely works on PS2 since the Loading Times are different to that of all these Emulator Videos. AP VCPD Cruiser BARELY works, literally. And when it DOES work, most of the time, the VCPD Cruisers won't be duplicated so when you kill Lance and spawn outside of King Knuts, nothing will be there. I obtained it twice (for my 6th 100% Save File and for the Video I made) and both times, I still don't even get what I did differently for it to work or not work. That's what OM0 is, though. Click buttons. See what happens. Skill needed? I don't know.


Unique/H Speeder2 is useless, too. Hope and pray idiot Lance (dumbest AI) doesn't flip and/or damage the Speeder2 so you can jack it and park it at a Dock only for it to MOST LIKELY blow up when beaching it after leaving it in memory for 3 Missions. ZzzzzZZzzzZzzZzzZZZz....B.O.R.I.N.G.


AP PCJ-600 is unobtainable on PS2, though. Melancholia and I both tried it. PCJ-600 is not at Sunshine Autos after spawning at the Hospital and coming back to Sunshine Autos. The game is softlocked and activating a Race OR Paramedics will fix the softlock, but no PCJ-600 is available. Maybe...Just MAYBE people will finally realize that PS2 =/= PSP. Hell, even PS2 =/= PS2 since different VERSIONS exist on PS2. Same goes for PSP. But Emulator? Taken with a grain of salt...


EP/FP Benson is a joke, too. I literally obtained it on my SECOND TRY thinking that it was rather easy to get (which it is) but I didn't know that outcome I got when I obtained it and when NOT recording it was so rare. I must of tried again like 40 times and got the softlock. No idea what is wrong with that Benson, but once again, it's pure luck.


The good news is, I have a Backup Save right before I pass Farewell to Arms, so I can record it eventually...Or just wait until I do my 8th 100% Save File to get it. I want a DP/EP/FP/EC Black Mule and EP/FP/EC Black Benson :D:p


If and when a possible Method for this useless Robot becomes known for PS2, I can record that, too, or at least a Failed Attempt Video showing what happens on PS2 since I have the Backup Save at Farewell to Arms which is near the Robot Mission. If it uses Cheats, I don't want it, though, nor would record it.

Edited by Lethal Vaccine
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I noticed something interesting. In the file carcols.dat Speeder and Speeder2 have the same lines

Speeder 1,15 1,53
Speeder2 1.15 1.53

But that's strange. The usual Speeder will spawn in both variations of colors (white-blue and white-gray). But Speeder2 from the mission of Leap and Bound is always white and blue. And the color of 100% is not scripted, because if you enter the cheat on a black machine, it will be completely black.

I made many attempts. And I even watched the videos passage of this mission on Youtube. But i have never seen a white-gray boat.

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The White and Gray Color Combination on the Speeder2 does spawn. I know it from personal experience, plus look at 27:40 in the Video below.


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Lethal Vaccine

I never cared about the Colors of the Speeder2 since I knew it wasn't EC, so if you see 2 Colors in my Video, I sure as sh*t didn't notice when I was toying around with the Mission and the Speeder2.  All I know is obtaining some of the stuff in VCS (due to luck) is like throwing a Basketball off the tallest building in the world and trying to get it to land in a tiny Basketball Hoop on the ground (luck).  I mean literally, too much of this sh*t relies on luck in VCS when dealing with OM0.  I had 11 total Special Vehicles using OM0 to show and record, but only could manage 7 of those 11 as 4 of them were pure luck and/or were unobtainable.  Unique/H Speeder2 is 100% luck.  H/FP/PP Barracks OL is either completely unobtainable OR luck.  EP/FP Benson is 100% luck.  AP PCJ-600 is 100% unobtainable for PS2 and PS3 Digital.  Tested on both.


This is why testing on an Emulator, keeping it a secret, and then claiming things work is a joke.  You need people to test it everywhere before making claims it works, etc...Favoring only one Platform and one set of people doesn't really help the whole...


But yeah, I plan on eventually coming back to VCS for more Save Files on PS2.  I want to do a 7th 100% Save File without OM0 and gathering up the very few Special Vehicles I have left to get in this game that I care about all while having 113 Mission Attempts by the end (lowest by 100% and only skipping Skywolf).  Once I do the 7th Save File, then the 8th Save File will be the final thing I do for VCS before putting it to bed forever, as well, and in the 8th Save, that is when I will get some of these new OM0 Discoveries.  Like I said, though, a lot of this stuff is luck based and I want stuff like the EP/FP/EC Black Benson so it can take a LONG TIME until I finally succeed when the game finally doesn't softlock, etc, etc...

Edited by Lethal Vaccine
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