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Time for Vice City Stories to shine?

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Jack Lupino

How well did the mobile port of LCS do? If it didn't meet their sales expectations, it's entirely possible that they probably figured nobody would care about VCS and that it wouldn't be worth porting.

I am thinking the same thing.

GTA 3,VC and SA had 1M+ download on playstore.

GTA LCS has only 50k and it came out 2 years ago.

Bully didn't do better either.

Maybe Rockstar scrapped mobile games from now and will release 10 Year Anniversary for next gen consoles and portables like Nintendo switch.

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They ported bully in 2016 instead of VCS.How many know about bully instead of GTA outside of R* community?

Probably income from VCS will be a lot less than investing.So they scrapped it, yeah they are greedy...

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yeah they are greedy...

Ikr! Rockstar should be making all their games voluntarily out of the kindness of their hearts.


In all seriousness the state of the game industry these days dictates that most Western developers no longer cater to niche audiences. I doubt the general nu-GTA playerbase or mobile gamers really care or even know about LCS and VCS let alone other R* games like Bully. Also keep in mind that it does cost money, time and resources to remake games for mobile and making a profit is important to companies whether you like it or not.

Edited by RetroMystic

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I know I'm bumping a old thread , but I have to agree with Hmmm nice bike & Ondr4H considering the fact those might be the two reason of why it didn't release on the mobile , PS4 version that is supposably coming is another story

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