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ZOTAC 750ti 2gb


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My HIS 6790 1gb just shat the bed, so I bought this ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750Ti 2GB GDDR5 ZT-70605-10M.


Does it seem like a decent upgrade over the 6790? Also I am on Windows 10, will a cleaning with the Display Driver Cleaner/Sweeper that can be downloaded off 3dguru be enough? Will I need to find the settings files for GTA IV, V and others and delete them? Or is that not needed?


Thank you all for the time and help.


PC Specs;

Core i3 3.10 GHZ (hyperthreaded "quad" dual core)

6GB ram

1080P HDTV

HIS 6790 1gb GDDR5 (replacing with ZOTAC 750ti 2gb GDDR5)


From what I understand, the 750ti is roughly equal to next gen hardware, so my Core i3 should be the only bottleneck with games like GTA IV/V and BeamNG?

Edited by corvettelover
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Which model of the i3 do you have exactly?


GTX750Ti is much faster than HD6790. Just uninstall the drivers and use a driver cleaner, and you should be good to go. There's no need to delete GTA settings.


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Well, it's a pretty old CPU so you might expect some bottlenecks here and there, especially in BeamNG. If you'd manage to find a cheap second hand i5 like i5-3450/3470/etc. it'd be nice.


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You're really cutting the line with an i3 2100, and it's around 20% slower than an i3 4130 (if my information is correct), so you should get the picture on how it would perform gaming wise.

Edited by Vik
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tried it out for a bit when i got some time, worked great, although GTA 4 did not seem to show any improvement over the 6790, GTA 5 is smooth with everything maximum @1080p (except PostFX to high, textures to high, grass to high and advanced options off except long shadows, msaa is off as well) gonna try textures and post @ very high soon. TXAA seems to be blanked out though, probably too much for the 750ti anyways?


Any reason GTA IV runs like poo relative to V?

Edited by corvettelover
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You need to enable MSAA in order to use TXAA in GTA V.


GTA IV is not well optimised, I have an i3 4170 with the 750Ti and I get significant frame drops on the bridges (almost 30 frames down from 55 frames*). Try messing about with the shadows in IV, the highest setting is a real performance killer if I remember correctly, especially with the latest patch.


*I say 55 frames because IV's implemented v-sync is a bit weird and limits to 55 instead of 60.

Edited by NCONiall
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GTA IV's pc port is absolute aids.


Nice avatar Niall, best TV character to exist.


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Probably wrong place, but COD: Ghosts only seems to use low textures no matter the setting, works great with everything maxed out (no MSAA, using SMAA), using 1920x1080.


It loaded the extra quality textures on my old 6790 1gb (stuttered like hell but worked) but it wont on my 750ti 2gb, looks like crap with blurry textures everywhere

Edited by corvettelover
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