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GTA V Re-Sized ( Not Just Another FPS improvement Mod )


Recommended Posts

5d971f-logo.pngGTA V Re-Sized v X

Not Just Another FPS improvement Mod
By MN8R01 and N8Gamez
What does this Mod do?
( It will blow your mind! )
It will not just give an increase in fps, it will also allow for a much smoother gameplay and more effects to be drawn. The quality loss is very nominal, the smoothness it produces and allowing of more rotations in crashes and more ambient things to be drawn HIGH SETTINGS ON LOW END RIGS is enabled by the increase of available memory/cpu/gpu due to the size reduction of the images.
What are people saying about GTA V RE-Sized?
@N8Gamez This is awesome! I don't need e new graphics card! As I said yesterday, mine has just 1GB. After installing this mod I have set
- texture quality to high
- water quality very high
- grass quality high
- shader quality high
- reflections high
The in-game graphics settings claim it uses 1740MB but this comes from a predefined formula which doesn't take the actual texture sizes into account. The GPU monitor tells me it just uses up to 1006 MB.
My graphics card "feels good" and I get between 25 and 28 FPS. I know the younger players will laugh at this but my eyes are old and this is sufficient for me.
Once the update is out I will give a note to gta5cheats.com. This mod deserves to be highly popular as it can help people to save a lot of money!
The graphics industry will hate you guys for this. LOL
@N8Gamez i can play with 29+ frames in 1920x1080 and soft shadows, x16 anisotropic filtering, and Ambient occlusion on high. The video is bad. I'm gonna make a new one.
im trying it out now, and, right now you guys are my new god
i was so used to be only able to use the sh*tty fxaa, but now i can put higher somewhat and not have to deal with terrible jaggies. thank you so much.
Thanks bro I'll check it out, eagerly waiting for the next update from you guys. Good luck. Cheers!!!
A must have
@N8Gamez Oh, sorry.Nevermind Great mod.I can finally play with no stutters after 3 months of trying everything.I'm looking forward for future updates.It's a must have for those with weaker rigs.
I really can't wait for a big update (almost final) update >.<
Two things: update the description (<-) or resume, it's very large xD. and will be good a difference video .
Continue updating, excellent work ❤️
Amazing work man this really fixed all the stuttering and the quality doesn't look altered much.Thanks alot !
@N8Gamez First thanks again for this mod.I already had decent gaming rig at first i had most settings at high and was getting 40-50 fps but the problem was lag and stuttering especially when driving.The game would have random fps drops to below 25 fps.After installing this mod i definitely felt a lot smoothness in the game with very high settings now..I really appreciate your effort.
Awesome mod , very good work !
@Pain thats what i need! thanks bro!
How does this Mod offer better FPS performance?
When driving in Los Santos with every car near you having massive images for interiors and exhaust pipes, plus the candy wrappers, trash cans, dumpsters, couches, tents and things all being spawned,( as you are passing all those cars ), and each having a massive image file size to be drawn there comes a point that the memory gets dumped on too hard by the game.
The "Normal" size for images used in the game are 512 or 1024 size, for higher settings the size goes up to 4096 on some and pretty commonly 2048. But that is not always the case; many of the candy wrappers blowing by are 2048 and can easily go down to like 256 or even 128 size, so we settled on 512.
MN8R01 and I have reduced these massive files to improve on the fps and stutter issues so common with the game.
It started when we noticed going under the bridge by Franklin's first house. Every time we went under the bridge the game would stutter like mad. We identified that under the bridge is a homeless camp with 2 beach chairs that have 2048 images for their texture, 3 beds with 2048 images, a couch drawn at 2048, a tent also with 2048 images and trash cans, dumpsters and candy wrappers and the 4 or 5 peds all with 2048 images being loaded at the same time.
All those being loaded and drawn on-top of the cars driving above the bridge and under the bridge with 2048 images for radio's, dashboards, license plates, exhaust pipes really put a test on the gpu, cpu and memory.
We determined, on an ACER V5 with an NVidia GTX 850m with 4gb vram and 8 gb ram is, a noticeable increase of about 10+ FPS but more importantly is the noticeable smoothness and lack of stuttering and more ambient effects occurring after the decrease of image size.
On an ASUS G751JY with an NVidia GTX 980m with 4gb vram and 24gb ram is a much more consistent fps and no more major spikes or sudden drops with more ambient effects being noted. ( Based on the files for the areas of the map we have done so far.)
This is not a mod that makes it too dark, mist everywhere with only 10ft visability and no plants or grass!
With this mod you actually get better performance. By re-sizing the images that seldom are really looked at with much intensity that they require to be so massive in size. Plus those grass and plant images have been touched up a bit to bring better visual effect while reducing the image size.
Hey, why lose out just to be able to play the game at decent FPS? At least that is how MN8R01 and I feel.
This is the first version and at present contains a part, the main part, of the over all mod.
It weighs in at just over 22.89gb as it replaces the following files:
update.rpf- in an oiv package so when the newer updates come in they can be reloaded!!
and dlcpacks:
2021 dlcpacks:
Cayo Perico
All 28 Patchday dlc's
There are bonus features like custom handling for Sanchez and Sanchez livery,
Custom loading music and sceens and other stuff too!!
We uploaded the whole files so people can simply rename their files and use these instead. GTA V RE-Sized is a great base to build your perfect modded GTA V on!
WE have spoken to Good-NTS about a new feature in the OpenIV package installer that will allow for rebuilding of the archives so we can provide the mod as an oiv package. Currently the OpenIV installer does not rebuild the rpf files via the package so it does not optimize the game files like we have. Until that feature comes out in OpenIV we will continue to provide this mod in the entire rpf files to assure for optimum gameplay-ability that meets our standards of excellence.
When finally done it will cover the map where these over-sized files are. We aim to cover the map to improve the consistency of fps and smoothness throughout the map of GTA V.
This fifth version contains the major common files: many roads, Cars, dumpsters, grass, plants, weapons, explosions, fire, peds, etc.
Though these are also in the various other rpf files the ones contained in our Version 5.0 give the most notable improvement for all around.
Though as you venture into the city or country there will remain fps drops and stutters until we have replaced those files with the RE-Sized ones.
We have been very active with this mod and when have been uploading regularly, currently we are in need of support to maintain our internet.
If you can donate to our mod that is awesome!! Please visit the link below to connect to Paypal
Peace, MN8R01 and N8Gamez!
Edited by N8Gamez
Mod is active updating all 56 dlcpacks!
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Ya know Total Conversion is doing new map/car/props/peds and so. While you are doing kinda "Patch", so i don't know if it is the right place to post here.

Edited by ermaccer
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Mod has been moved to other. Progress is going well and a new update just around the corner.

Edited by n8gamez1
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Igor Bogdanoff

Well you are replacing Textures, so Textures section would be good.

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I thought so too but it also, since it is reducing incredible image quality I wanted to give a little extra to those who don't get the full benefit of the game; therefore, it is Not Just another FPS mod as it brings in four new dirt bikes and also replaces the sanchez and sanchez livery with new dirt bikes. All with individual unique handling and vehicle files for more MMX feel, letting you turn tighter, jump higher and kick your tail around, slide into corners, etc.. adds a polaris too, giving more rides for the off road. The timecycle has been edited as well in a few different aspects like the water clarity and lighting etc. but not to reduce any draw distance or remove plants and trees, merely to give an improvement and a nice natural feel to the game world environment.


The loading screens and loading music are changed, the game now has a Highway patrol system with a CHP Cruiser and CHP Bike that patrol the freeway and Salt areas, these are inclusive to the existing sheriff and use the highway patrol officers. So the dispatch has been editeded to create the new Highway Patrol; as has the popcycle.ymt to bring a diversity of cars from the dlc packs as well as the vehicles files have been edited to reduce the number of car spawns so instead of a bunch of the same ones spawning in the same place there are new and more diverse cars that show.


There are a number of other "little extras" included to,( in my opinion ), give a balance those who don't have gaming rigs tuff enough to handle the brutality that GTA V does. Though I didn't really want to let that little surprise out and let people be pleasantly surprised in the image and extra changes their game now has, perhaps I need to address those instead of trying to give them as a bonus.


So I don't really see it as being a texture mod either.


...although, as I use these files even on my ASUS G751JY they are not only for those who suffer the reducing of images for the x64g and x64e being reduced really made a huge difference when playing, for I don't get the stutter in those areas where it used to stumble for me any more. My old lady gets an improvement of more than 10fps and smoother frames with the files too; so I don;t know how to really define this one.


So where would this be better placed?

Edited by n8gamez1
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The mod adds more FPS in the game by reducing texture resolution so? Well I think?

You can ask for some screenshots or a video comparing the graphics and smooth FPS mods and without?

Is it possible to do such mods in the opposite effect = less FPS and better texture?
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The mod adds more FPS in the game by reducing texture resolution so? Well I think?


You can ask for some screenshots or a video comparing the graphics and smooth FPS mods and without?


Is it possible to do such mods in the opposite effect = less FPS and better texture?

This is where we got the concept form, back in the day of GTA SA modders were constantly adding better and larger textures to improve the game experience, the more weight of images the slower the performance. This Mod DOES NOT ADD MORE FPS, it allows for more fps by not stuffing the memory with 100's of over-sized images. As for not putting up pictures I apologize, I tried to upload some but they only allow url links; so I guess I have to start some picture site to show an image here.
On GTA 5 mods they let you upload images from your computer directly to the web site. Honestly I forgot how vain and ridiculous people can be here on the Forums. Perhaps this mod is better suited in a more open an encouraging forum, you know another web page that is supportive and encouraging of mods such as this that can enable others to also enjoy the game. Boy for me it all started as a way to decent fps for my old lady's rig, we worked for months and came up with this. Recently a friend was also having major issues and we sent him the files... He noticed a reasonable improvement. So we figured others could benefit too. But if I am going to explain the mod over and over to people who don't have a need for the mod but want to play junior moderator..... Well I think you know what am saying.
I will give it another day and see if more people are simply going to complain at its location or benefit from its production.
I put it out there for people with tuff times playing at really low fps, to try and improve the gameplay. If by tomorrow I see none are interested then will delete the post and move to another website where it can be seen and used.
Edited by n8gamez1
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Here is a video of my old ASUS K53z, google the specs it is not capable of playing GTA V. Nowhere near able to run the game but it does. I did not make a bunch of videos, yet. But zi see the value in the comparison of with and without the mod running, so I wll take time to do that too. Boy it is amazing how much people will complain and never even try it to know the benefit it offers.


Check out my old ASUS K53z here:


Yeah, it is the prolouge and only runs for a few moments but without these mods the game simply would not run on that old ASUS with only an:

AMD Fusion APU A6-3400M/A4-3300M Processor
AMD A70M Chipset
8GB 1333Mhz DDR3

But there it is playable on the ASUS K53z.

Here is a video by someone who downloaded the mod:

Edited by n8gamez1
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Mod has seen a few updates and learned a curve. I need to redo the interiors of the cars as I sized them a bit too small. Great interest and people are getting a much more enjoyable game play with all the features offered and the accompanying tool. I feel comfortable in saying that anyone who uses this mod and its features including the bonus tool will be able to achieve 60 fps. I have seen it play on low end, mid range and high end laptops and it is consistently affording a smooth gameplay with very fast and non stuttering FPS upwards of 60. I have even gotten over 140 FPS on my ASUS G751. And it is highly adjustable to assure for the right speed of game play to any computer.


That's a bold statment but I feel like it to be a challenge for anyone. You simply will not believe the benefits afforded in this mod.


Peace, N8Gamez

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MN8R01 and N8Gamez would like to say, "Thank You All for the interest in our efforts

and we hope it helps you enjoy the game more."

With all the downloads only a small number of concerns have come up.

We will continue to do our best to reply to those concerns.

_______________Today we offer our first Patch.

Patch 1 is now in the repository and contains the original interiors of the vehicles,

so you can enjoy the first person driving again. Sorry for that. The Read This.rtf

comes with pictures to show you how to perform the update. I will see about making

an installer too; but, for now you will need to use the OpenIV. As always check the

Read This file for instructions on how to install Patch 1 Vehicles interior fix.

Thank you and let us know how the mod works for you.

Let us know;

How many FPS and how smooth is your game before you install the mod and after.

What type of rig you are running GTA V on so that others can have an idea of what to expect.

Thank you and keep us informed of any improvements or needs related to this Mod.

Peace, N8Gamez & MN8R01
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The idea of this mod is damn great, good job !

This should seriously increase FPS.


I also tried it, but here comes the reason of my reply: I have a problem.

After replacing all files, I ran the game and I got some key binds conflict, and I'm unable to solve it ...

( "D" key is used for Cyclo Camera and conflicts other keybinds like steer right and etc. but i cannot access the Cyclo Camera redefine key bind - believe this is the problem of all keybind conflicts)

Edited by sseebbyy
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The idea of this mod is damn great, good job !

This should seriously increase FPS.


I also tried it, but here comes the reason of my reply: I have a problem.

After replacing all files, I ran the game and I got some key binds conflict, and I'm unable to solve it ...

( "D" key is used for Cyclo Camera and conflicts other keybinds like steer right and etc. but i cannot access the Cyclo Camera redefine key bind - believe this is the problem of all keybind conflicts)

Sounds like you are missing dlc packs. Do you have all 20? That is most likely what is going on.


If you need any of the recent dlcpacks check here: http://www.4shared.com/folder/Q9yiJd4z/GTA_V_dlc_packs.html

Keep me posted.

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This only seems to happened to me when trying to use the RLD! version of game. Which I downloaded to test for how to problem solve issues people are having with the mod.

Sorry for the 4shared iot has a lot of "Download" buttons that are spam. You have to wait for the timer to supply the download. Put the dlcpacks into your update folder where the x64 folder is look in there for the dlcpacks folder where the dlcpacks and their content you downloaded goes.


You should have 20 packs total the common missing ones are:













Get them from the link I just provided above.


Keep me posted and when you up please share how it works for you.


Peace, N8Gamez

Edited by n8gamez1
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I tested the mod on a friend's lappy, and fixed it by using the default update.rpf

Really good job ! It is not lagging anymore !


About the other way to fix the game (the one you were talking about - common missing files):

I will test that right after reinstalling the game on my lappy, and I will leave a reply !


Thank you for this awesome mod ! Keep up the good work .

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Thanks for the message and appreciation for the Mod!!


and we really look forward to the "After" video with the Mod running.

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Between GTA 5 Mods and GTAinside the mod is averaging 90 downloads a day.



Very nice!


The Mod was uploaded to the GTAinside site only 3 days ago and already it has 223 downloads, closing in on the heels of GTA 5 Mods site where it has been downloaded 617 times in 9 days.

Looks like the European Countries are very glad to see a Mod like this!


I am stuck with the Russian site of GTAall for after uploading the mod in order for it to get published it requires 4 votes. But when it is not published how do I get the 4 votes? If anyone here has experience in uploading to GTAall and successfully publishing their mod please offer how I can get the 4 votes required so the mod can be published. Or tell me how to get the mod published there.


Thanks N8Gamez

Edited by n8gamez1
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Mod is still progressing nicely, We anticipate another upload in the next couple days.

Scheduled for the upload are:






covering more areas of the map. We wish there was another way to provide the Re-Sized textures without providing the whole archive but boy that would be a messy process.

With literally 1,000's of textures encased in series of folders. Heck you should see our drives!!


The project started within days of GTA V being editable with OpenIV.

We have not stopped since.


One day when helping some people on the Rockstar Social Club Community site I offered to share this mod with his as his computer was only getting 11 fps!!!


Well, he sure was happy with the mod helping him to get closer to 24 FPS.


We look forward to hearing more from those who this mod has helped.


Even more importantly...


We look forward to it being fully up and available.



Thank you all for the interest and support.



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And more great news.


Our CHP System, CHP Cruiser and Bike(s), is intact and working on highways and the desert areas, this is not a Replacement of the Sheriff but a "New" Service that works with the Sheriff.

We also will have Off-Road Cops on Dirt Bikes! Try to out run the cops in the Desert when they have Dirt Bikes too! We are in hopes of including this in the coming week, along with a couple little extras included in the dlc pack.


Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to uploading to the Mega.nz site for the Mirror Link in hopes of improving on the availability and better bandwidth for downloading.


We might get lucky and upload a few new files to the mod too, but first is to equally upload the files to both links.


That's it for now.


Boy sure is quiet in here. Hope to here a bit more from the community on the mod.


Peace, N8Gamez

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Darn. Rain and wind. 40 mile an hour with 60 mile bursts. Doesn't look like we will be going ashore today. But the weather is supposed to let up for a couple days starting tomorrow.

Oh well I will focus on the new Police Dirt Bike Patrol to have it ready for tomorrows upload. See there is always good in the bad.

Well off to the Mod to work at it.


Thanks for the downloads and interest. We hit 927 this morning and are on the way to a thousand downloads in 10 days, averaging 100 downloads a day.


Boy we got to get on the ball and get more of the files up to people, they are really happy with the ability to run the game smoother with less stutter after installing the GTA V Re-Sized Mod.


Peace, N8Gamez

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We are currently updating the repository, some changes have come so we can maintain a more Vanilla Structure; we have moved the modded files with the little extras out of the Needed folder.
If you would rather not run the modded files, like loading screens, timecycle edits, extra dirt bikes, Highway Patrol cruiser and bike, the off road motorcycle cop or the other edits done to improve on the game experience then simply replace the following original files:
and you will be back to the vanilla game with simply Re-Sized textures....
But as they are edited rpf files you must play OFFLINE ONLY, to assure the modded files don't get tagged and deleted.
We hope to be able to work in a couple new archives today as well but are focusing on getting the mirror link up first.
There you go. We made it to shore and are doing what we can to get more file up to you.
Peace, N8Gamez

Mega.nz mirror is almost completed we hope to have it done by tomorrow night. :panic:

Edited by n8gamez1
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We have moved files in the repository to create a Vanilla version of the files and offer the extras in the Optional Install folder and added a few new files.



New to the mod is x64h.rpf, x64s.rpf and the new chpandbikes dlc!


The new dlc provides you with 4 new Motocross Motorcycles( with different handling for each), two new Harley's, a CHP Cruiser, CHP Bike...

and an OFF-ROAD cop to chase you through the deserts








and along those country roads 394365-descop2.jpg




Plus a couple off-road cars as well! The mod was made with intention of being provided as a part of the mod but with we are separating them form the vanilla files; and we are keeping it as a bonus add on exclusive to the GTA V Re-Sized Mod. :lol:


Tomorrow we will have the files up on the Mega site and supply links for a mirror as soon as it is up and ready. Today we got three new files up for you. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Edited by n8gamez1
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Oh, nice project. At this moment, I have no interest for GTA V, but I hope that somewhere in 2017 I will download final version of this mod and get smooth gameplay on my week PC. Keep it up :)

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Thank you at this moment we are seeing 100 downloads a day so we are putting it up on a faster link, GTA V on PC is the ultimate. You might want to rethink it I mean you can install the PC version up to 18 times so you could run it with this mod. My old lady was only getting 26 FPs on medium settings after the progress so far she is hitting 38 BUT that is with settings on Very High!!


Re-sizing the images gives much more room for the cpu/gpu and memory to throw the game at. But no worries we are close to completing the rpf files for the Mod. a lot of the time is in the uploading as we only have wireless that is less than dial-up speed.


Keep an eye on this mod for you may just decide to get GTA V before 2017.

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The new Off-Road cop mod really creates some new elements.



I hit the brakes when one was behind me and gave him a dirt nap.


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The new Mirror link is up and live at Mega.nz. Go to the repository, by clicking on download, and if that link is too congested and slow then look for the mirror link.txt in the repository and it will send you to the Mega.nz site!


Peace, N8Gamez

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