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Liberty Tree


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Do you remember internet articles in IV after Niko finished mission. If you do it will be pleasure to me to introduce you my idea. Create your own article about events happen in LC.

How it works?

1) Title

3) Day of relase (full date even hour)

2) Name of writer. You can write your Nickname or use existing writer.

4) Article text'

"Crime reise again"

By Jane Kwiatkowski

21 September 1998

Few hours ago streets of our notable city becomes a battlefield. Young Siaddaco fools take their weapons and had gone to Leano turf. "Bullets had been flying around them like butterflies near flowerbed"-wittnes Jack Hengen said. And what police done you ask? Nothing! When they came Siaddacos scum was cold like ice creams and defenders had been disapered. We deal with dogs problem but it wasn't as dangerous as this. Where this world is going. Can we even protect ourselves?

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Danger in the streets of Liberty City is higher each day!


Article by Randal Martin

15th October, 1991


The streets of Liberty City are more dangerous each day! The son of the infamous italian mob organization Leone Family, Joey Leone, has grown in power due to the help of a young black non-identified individual. The Liberty City Police Department is doing deeper research in this subject to get the individual arrested. This brings suspicion to another subject: The Hoods connection between the Leone Family, which is most likely the situation over here. Keep your eyes on the city and stay tuned for further info.

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