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Johnny Riccaro's 'new millenium' claim?


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Hi. Head Radio's DJ Johnny Riccaro says that there's a new millenium coming. Head Radio's the longest radio station in GTA 2, with 24 minutes of emission. Could someone please tell me in wich seconds of

does exactly Johnny Riccaro says this? I'm making this request because I'm not a native speaker and I can't understand half of what the DJs are saying. Cheers.
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He says this at

in the video linked, just as the music starts playing.


"The Millenium's Coming. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think we're all going to be in one piece? God, I hope so..."

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So GTA 2 took place in 1999?


Likely yes. The official GTA 2 website says that the game is set "three weeks into the future" and GTA 2 was released on October 22, 1999. So, GTA 2 seems to be set in November 12, 1999.



Edited by Phnx.
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So GTA 2 took place in 1999?

It was already discussed to death. What speaks for the game taking place in 1999 is the intro and this one radio phrase. What speaks for a futuristic(21st century) setting is the game website mentioning it, the whole concept art, the cars and weapons and stuff like human cloning and cold fusion mentioned in some missions ingame. Btw the year 2013 which is in the online journals shows that the bosses were alive at that time, which doesn´t particular mean that the game takes place in the exact same year. I think somewhere it is also written that it takes place three weeks into the future. So in short, we don´t know exactly, but most things about the game indicate a futuristic setting.

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Thank you very much, @GTAKid667 . That was really fast and useful!


About the game setting, I think it actually occurs in 1999. I'm saying this because the crimes committed by the characters are all prior to this year; then, the Rednecks' website has mails written in 1999 about a new guy in town that same year; then we have Johnny Riccaro's claim. Plus, the game is retrofuturistic (futurist elements in present or past days), which the game's manual claims were done in those "three weeks".


Also, this isn't determinant, but all the other games with a new number in them occurred in the same year they were released. (GTA in 1997, III in 2001, IV in 2008 and V in 2013).


Anyways, excuse my derailment and let me thank you all for your assistance.

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