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The Worst Job in the World... Ever!

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Soran Is On

The people that play these are the same people that follow youtube streamers en mass.


And I don't think the collective lot has a full brain cell between them. You just can't fight an ocean of stupid.

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At least you had a shot (no pun intended) at killing the host, unlike the typical RP + $$$ deathmatch.

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Someone deserves to be trolled if they are stupid enough to fall for an invite offering ridiculous amounts of money and RP..

The Scarehouse and plenty others unfortunately don't say any RP or infinity cash BS, on the outside it looks like it might just be a breath of fresh air

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Everytime i see bullsh*t like this, i remember i have the saints row 2 disk :cool:

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Somebody actually added this to the end of a playlist and the one before was in Grove Street... with assualt-shotguns, APs and special Carbines. Oh and of course people had their helmets on while been invisible. Oh and also it was completely surrounded with those big grey and red platforms to seal it in. Not only was it an eyesore but its like the creator didn't wanna put miniguns and RPGs but forgot about the type of weapons the hoodrats actually use cos I can't remember 2pac n Dre running round with Autoshotties and as much as they were trapped in the hood it wasn't with props neither. Why do people not notice its really not that hard to use a pump Shotgun in the hood and keep the military guns to the army Base... and oh maybe not go mental with props!

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Still better than mine. You know what I'm talking about Keever...

P.S. I've massively improved said deathmatch. I'm not saying you have to try it out, but if you're interested...

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Here's a video below of a DM I was invited to by a (then) friend! It didn't have "RP" or "$$$" or "Franklins" or even "VS" in the Title so I thought why not! It's called The Scarehouse and was created by some utter scumbag who needs to seriously get really stoned... to death... from me and other decent creators who actually give somewhat of a damn. Too much sh*t like this clogging up this game...


I've played 100s of Custom DMs, most from the Content Creator section of this site(where people actually care a bit) but I've never encountered a job so poorly made. Featuring the worst spawn killing ever seen(It was full 16players when I first got invited to this rubbish) paired with not a drop of cover, making this possibly worse than Franklins House DM. All the while I can't get a handful of people to join me at the best of times. Maps like these and the spawn killers that play them are killing this game! The only buzz your gonna get from this map ain't gonna be from getting any good kills but more a dull nipping sensation from where your brain once was before you played this guff!


If you've been a victim of having your time wasted like this please record it and bring it here. Name and Shame these plebs here!

This is hurtful. I was invited to some run and gun map once, and the spawnkill was REAL :( Never ever again!

still don't know why R* havnt installed a option to wear or not wear them :(

You mean host of a DM should be able to chose between owned or random clothing?

Would actually be funny to see the difference to be honest.

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